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Margaux Arramon-Tucoo grew up in Biarritz, surfing the shores of the Atlantic ocean. Margaux grew up between her two major influences the art and surfing. Those two worlds had shaped her identity. We made some questions in order to know more about a person who is shaping a unique path. Her influences, her icons to follow, her future plans…

          /…we are what we have lived: PAST

Q. Who have been your favorite surfers? why? because of the attitude, the style, the boards… ?

My main inspirations in surfing , as a girl I would say, Kassia Meador , and in the boys gang , George Greenough , Marc Cunningham , Al knost , Joel Tudor …

Q. When you was a child, and you started surfing, who or what did inspire you? tell as your story…

The girls older than me that I see surfing around me and having so much fun .. Then when I grew up as a tennager they came to me and brought me everywhere .. I really understood everything I needed to learn about traveling and boards and equipment .. still learning now a day .

Q. Which surf magazine and video have you watched the most?

I loved surfers journal and looking into art reviews … some of them included surfing .

Q. It ́s said that a surfer becomes a surfer when takes the board and moves to surf another wave. Do you remember your first trip?

After a few trips to Spain , my real first surf trip! When I left home to go live in Cali with my mentor Kassia Meador for three months . I surfed the most waves I ever surfed every day was a different spot .

          /…we live, we ride: PRESENT

Q. Who are your favorite surfers nowadays? The most interesting?

I still look up a lot to Kass , I hang out with a very talented surfer lady called Erin Ashley during my stays in California aswell … and all the guys that surf alternative boards and mostly have fun on it , shape dust it off and go surf it .

Q. Apart from surfing what are you interested on?

I love art , music and people.

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Q. Which is your everyday board and fin?

My everyday board is either a noserider or a good classic but faster log both between 9’2 and 9′

          /…Plans, dreams: FUTURE

Q. What kind of board, fins or type of surfing do you want to try next?

I would love to learn more into fun boards , I`ve been having a lot of fun the last couple years but I want to improve myself , I have a couple paipos at home aswell that I want to ride in really speedy but small shallow waves …

Q. What does progression in surfing means to you?

It means getting there without getting bored of it .. learning that when you get bored of a board or a wave , move on and change the scene for a week you will feel so happy to be back on it after that. Stay a child as long at it belongs to the beacj and the waves (;

Q. Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years?

Somewhere I will call home and doing things that make me satisfied !


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Photos by Yoan Fournier.