Hector belongs to Fuerteventura. For the ones that haven’t heard about it, fuerteventura is one of the volcanic islands of the Canary Islands. Red coloured rocks, huge dunes of sand and some epic pointbreak waves. Not a bad mix for someone like Hector, talented surfer, designer and photographer. And well, we could also say that he loves riding motorbikes too.



Autentico talks about Fuerteventura, his textures and colours, his landscape and the power of the nature who rules over all. Autentico shows our lifestyle, how we live on the island, riding waves and bikes, find a creative way to join what nature gives us.


STARRING: Hector Menendez
DIRECTED: Enrico Gorrea
FILMED/EDITED: Silvio Ottonello
AERIAL FOOTAGE: Alessandro Miniotti
SOUND DESIGN: Elena Ottonello
GRAPHICS: Daria Dyrka