Christmas tergiversation with Legi Alonso


Christmas… What an endearing time! Well, at least it usually is when you are a child and you stay on vacation, waiting to be buried under a mountain of gifts while you stuff yourself with nougat and sugared almonds. Then, suddenly, you get older and realize that these holidays have become for you synonymous with overspending, heavy digestions, crowds and gatherings even heavier than your digestions.


At Deflow, as we love that you keep the childish spirit, but we are also amused by those who are more cantankerous than the Grinch, we wanted to put on trial two of our riders with the worst karma and who will probably end up splitting their chewing so much coal (carbón para todos!).


Would you be able to define Christmas briefly?

A brief period in which to economically compensate for a whole year of indifference towards those closest to us; in which the sons of bitches become endearing and social coherence is questioned by continuing to bombard you with the idea of being sustainable and ‘ecofriendly’ in the middle of a city whose lighting could be seen from Mars. Meanwhile, TV oozes ‘tear-jerking’ commercials and zapping programs where showmen who have been out of work for decades have their moment of glory again.

…Stupidity strain with a high rate of contagion.


What is the best/worst thing about Christmas for you?

The only good thing is the nativity set up by my grandmother. 

Last year’s had two ‘jesus’ children of different scales holding a postcard of the ‘birth’, which means that at the very moment of your birth there are already photos of you printed in large format, highway billboard style.


Admit that you’ve ever surfed with a Santa hat on Christmas Eve!

If I could, I’d shoot them all a tranquilizer dart in the temple. 


Tell us something you always do around Christmas time. Tradition or custom, you know?

Lately I’ve been organizing a ‘Street Fighter’ world championship at home.

Although I only invite the most clumsy colleagues and try to cheat as much as possible, I am unable to win, so the thing usually ends in a fight and kicking them out of the house.



Any movie – song that you are particularly fond of?

The Exorcist.


Do you buy lottery tickets? What would you do if you hit the jackpot?

I would install a wave like WACO’s in the garden of my house. …But for that, I would first have to have a house with a garden.

I would need at least a couple of jackpots. That’s why I never play the lottery.


Do you decorate your house, wear reindeer headbands and shit? Send us a selfie!

I don’t decorate the house and I don’t wear festive crap. The only thing I do to bring joy to those who spend Christmas with me is to go to bed early.

*It’s not a selfie, but I hope the doggy decorations make up for it.

What did you ask for this year from the Three Wise Men / Santa Claus?

*It was clear that this was all a damn Deflow promo. unscrupulous motherf***s!



This year I’ve ridden a lot with twin and these have been, by far, the keels that have been the coolest. Very agile, they allow you to close the turns and maintain speed. Cool.




No tangles. It doesn’t weigh anything. The feel of the anklet is brutal, and I think it’s really cute!




The coffee is amazing and that of establishing a capsule with its specific range of colors for different objects of hard material… Love it!




Even if you didn’t like him because of this shitty interview, you should know that these keels are made with a lot of love and go great on beach waves. People are very happy with them…And I’m glad they are ☺.



The other good thing (along with my grandmother’s birth). Besides, you’ll have to dip something in the COFFEE COLLECTION, I say… 😉