Tequila Blackout with Laura Coviella

Laura Coviella spent 3 weeks in the Mentawaii Islands, Indonesia to surf perfect waves. The result is this incredible and dreamy video edit that shows how powerful her surf is getting, and obviously still really engaged! 

YouTube video

Laura’s favorite picks

Rocket M // Thruster fins


6″6 mm // Pro Tech Leash


3 Piece // Traction Pad


Supra M// Thurster Fins


Erwin Bliss in '22:22' video

As always, you’ll find incomparable creativity combined with modern surfing in this last edit featuring the Deflow family member Erwin Bliss filmed and edited by Yentl Touboul for Wasted Talent. ’22:22′ is a true ode to Erwin’s surfing style and you’ll surely list this edit in your new faves. Watch video below and find extra pics from the talented photographer Nils Puissant

Erwin’s favorite picks

Rocket M // Thruster fins


6″6 mm // Pro Tech Leash


Erwin Bliss // Tail Pad 


Erwin Bliss  // Front Pad


Adrien Toyon and Numb collaboration

Adrien Toyon never stops looking for new epic projects that alway show his engagement and integrity with the surfing world. This is what the last Numb x Vans collaboration video for Salt Water Magazine testifies. Watch it below and learn more about Adrien’s unrivaled surf approach.

Adrien’s favorite picks

Highline M // Thruster fins


Sea Green // Traction Pad


6″6 mm // Pro Tech Leash


Mid  // Twin Fins


Deflow Welcomes Braiden Maither

Born in Maui, Braiden has always been connected to the nature and to the ocean. His style in surfing and approach for airs is unique, and it got our attention since the early beginnings. We are happy to welcome our first international ambassador with the amazing edit and interesting conversation below in order to know more about this talented surfer. 

YouTube video

. Hey Braiden! First of all, it’s a pleasure to have you around. In fact, we don’t get to sit down and chat with too many people from Maui, so why don’t you start by telling us about your surfing and living environment?


Thanks for having me! Growing up on Maui was amazing, its a small community on the side of the island I live (Westside) It’s a special place to learn how to surf and progress at surfing.


. To give us a little more insight into you as a person, what other things besides surfing are part of your routine and what are you especially passionate about? Tell us what a typical day in your life is like!


I own a Surf Lesson Business so half the time I am doing lessons, but if there’s waves of course I take off and try to nail some clips! Just got a puppy also so that’s been taking up some time haha. Besides that usually grab a coffee in the morning try and do some stretching to get the body going then find some waves with the least amount of people.

. It’s funny… They just published an article in Stab about how many surfers from Maui have a great level, and yet the scarce representation of the island in the CT or the highest positions of the QS. Why do you think this situation is? Are you too busy living well and surfing good waves, instead of suffering the stress of the sleeves in half a meter? hahaha


Haha! The stress don’t help! A big part is the cost of living here is insane. It’s the highest cost in all of America by a long shot. So making enough money to live and chase the Q is really hard to pull off. On top of the fact that home is very easy to get real comfortable in your routine.

. Another big reason for our interview is your recent signing with us, DEFLOW. It’s true that nowadays we live in a global world where borders, as we understood them, have practically disappeared. Nevertheless, tell us what it means for you, from Maui, to sign for a European brand like Deflow. How was the contact and communication?


So stoked! Thanks for having me guys. It’s been awesome, for me im really passionate about all kinds of equipment in surfing. Especially traction. I love a good front grip/tail pad. So its really important to have the best stuff under my feet! Got to stick as many airs as possible before im to old haha. Hopefully get on a trip to Europe soon to meet up and get some clips!


. In fact, you have launched a ‘welcome to the team’ video… WOW, waves are amazing! Tremendous waves and aerials, that wave brings back memories of Clay Marzo or the mythical Volcom ‘BS’ section, with Coleborn and Dusty Payne. Tell us about that iconic spot and also about the big names that ride it or have ridden it!


Well Clay is the number one person you think of out there. He’s the king and makes it look way easier to surf then it is. It’s such a tricky spot with a lot of variables. Maui gets insanely blocked by swell most of the winter because of the islands around us. So when you see videos of it, usually it’s from a handful of days all year. But it holds a dear place in my heart and is by far my favorite wave in the world.


. Would you dare to give us an honest feedback on Deflow’s material and its brand identity?


You can’t always count on Hawaii as a testing ground ;).  So good! I tested it for most of the winter which of course is our peak season. No broken leashes, loving the front grips! The new Erwin grips are sick in general! So many fin options, and the aesthetic of everything is perfect! I just need to design a grip now! Haha

. Going back to the Maui scene… We imagine that for you it must be an inspiration to grow up and surf with surfers like Meola, Layer, Payne, Marzo… Very versatile people that you can get an incredible aerial or a massive Jaws… What has it meant to be part of that scene?


Man its so cool. All the guys I’ve looked up to since I was a little kid our my friends now. Marzo for me was always number one hero status as far as how I wanted to surf. Now days surfing around guys like Dusty, Kai Barger, and Meola all the time is so fun to push my surfing!

. In relation to that contact with the ocean provides a place like Maui, which goes from the acrobatic of the new school to the purest and most extreme roots of XXL surfing, how would you define your way of living surfing and your experience in the sea, in contrast to other continental surfers from California or Europe, for example?


You learn to love it all! Maui is a fickle place but you get a little bit of every condition. Its the windy island, so that’s why we have the best Air surfers in the world! It’s fun to draw off what the ocean gives you everyday! I have a few to many boards trying to keep up with the conditions though haha.


. By the way, do you know Europe, is there any spot that especially motivates you? What is it that most strikes you about our culture? We hope to see you here soon ;)!


I went to France two years ago and loved it! Me and my girlfriend spent a little over two weeks adventuring around and having the time of our lives. The waves were insane and I need to check off some more spots over there. Ireland, Portugal, Spain all sound amazing!


. Regarding content and projects for this year, do you have anything planned? Any destination in your mind? Now that the COVID restrictions finally seem to give us a break, what would you like to be able to do after a few years with such a reduced mobility?


Man just came back from a knee injury so super excited to get some things going. I really want to focus on 1 or 2 big projects with some more traveling involved. I’m going to Kandui in September which will be my first time there! So excited to score. Also planning a trip to Europe for either August or October also. Hoping to check off one or two more spots if I can manage it! Just know more films are coming!! I’m hungry for clips.

. Apart from specific projects, but continuing with your projection for the future, how would you like to focus your professional career? CT or QS are acronyms that motivate you or do you prefer to go on your own?


All my own lane! I did the Q for a year two awhile ago, not serious just a few events but it just doesn’t fit my style. I prefer creating art with surfing. My own vision for the year, from editing to song choices to what clip goes where. It’s really important to me. Oh and land a 540 in the next year or two. I got to do one!


. Well Braiden, it has been a pleasure to share this little while with you and, above all, we hope to see you soon in our lands! If you want to close the interview saying something… Here you go!


Cheers guys! Glad to have some support and be able to make cool shit!


Supra Medium // Thruster fins


Arcco Medium // Thruster fins


6″6 mm // Pro Tech Leash


2 Piece  // Traction Pad


Waterproof Bag


Duette // Twins


Spring Dance

Winter is long and cold here around Biarritz. Dark and rainy, it’s hard to keep the stoke for surfing when the water gets cold and the onshore winds arrive. However, and luckily, this season is not forever, and spring arrives with warmer and longer days. We spent few days around Biarritz with Clovis and Eliza, just before Spring started. Conditions looked perfect for early morning surf and with the help of the talented Nil Puissant we were able to capture some magic sessions. 

Even in cities (or big town as they like to call Biarritz), if you wake up early sometimes you can find yourself alone in the line up with just few of your friends.


They got advantage of the perfect conditions to try different fins and placements. The ability of both Clovis and Eliza to change fin templates and adapt to the rhythm and inertia of them is simply amazing.

Eliza’s words:


I surfed the Clovis Dnd fin on my 8’6″! It was quite fun because it allowed me to surf my board a little more classic while being able to turn easily. Then we exchange the boards and tried the Cream in 9,75” on my longboard. It’s amazing how responsive it is for turns and how at the same time holds the nose while I’m doing hang fives 🙂

Hope spring comes with clean swells and warm days, just before summer arrives and everything gets packed. This is how it works in most of the places. Oh, we already miss the lonely surf from winter days

Follow @elizasista and  @clovisdonizetti on Instagram / Photos by: @nilpuissant


Cream 9″75 // Single fin


Thomas Lodin // D fin


D’nD 8,75″ // Single Fin


Rouge 9,5″ // Single Fin


Yael Peña tells us about his last video

YouTube video

. Good morning Yael! What a barrel party! Tell us when did you film the waves of the video and how you and Makoa experienced such epic sessions.

Hi, thank you very much for letting me stop by your blog ;). The truth is that the project came out quite naturally. We saw that a good swell was coming and in two weeks we got some material to get a DIY project like this. From my part it was amazing to spend two weeks of such good waves and share all that time with Makoa. Without a doubt, watching him surf and the rest of the local talent (Cristian Portelli, Conor Donegan, Dylan Donegan, Alejo Valido, Nahuel Garcia…) is very inspiring, they have an amazing technique for their early age, I can’t wait to see them on the following years!

. Since we still have the Pipe Masters fresh in our minds and its similarity with El Quemao is more than evident, what parallels would you establish in both waves and what is the key to be able to adapt to such difficult and dangerous conditions?


Yes, it’s true that from the outside they pretty similar waves. However, the reality is that inside the water they are very different. How the peak moves, how the wave advances… are characteristics that make both waves unique and perfect. When it comes to adapting, both are a puzzle that you have to solve little by little, in each surf you learn where to place a piece and you understand it better.

. A key factor for the evolution of any young surfer is the access to ‘world class’. Tell us what your day to day surfing looks like, what kind of waves you usually surf.

I think a pointbreak is going to develop your rail surfing the best. The lines you have to use in the waves are more obvious and therefore easier to learn. However, it takes a lot of time to become very good in this kind of waves. On beaches it is the opposite. You can surf the same wave in many different ways, they give more room for creativity.

. The Canary Islands have always given great surfers and with a representation like yours, it seems that the lineage continues! How does it make you feel to belong to such a special place?


The quality and range of waves in the Canary Islands has led to the emergence of so many good surfers. I thank them all for breaking down certain walls so that my generation and the following ones can fulfil their dreams. There are two surfers in particular that I want to thank for having broken and continue to break year after year the limits of what we thought possible not only here in the Canary Islands but also worldwide. They are Alexander Zirke and Manuel Lezcano, references both in and out of the water that motivate and support all of us who are coming.

. At this point, and after all this years, your relationship with Volcom is very close. In such difficult times, when traveling and competing is not as easy as it used to be, what does it mean for you to be able to count on the support of sponsors of such importance? Do you collaborate with any other brand? Tell us about your relationship with other sponsors!

The reality today is that there are many good surfers without support and that dream that invades us since we were kids to travel the world surfing and competing is increasingly difficult to fulfill. To be able to count on Volcom after so many years is incredible, they continue to trust me and support me by creating projects that motivate and inspire me. As for boards, I’m buying as many as I can. You guys at Deflow arrived a year ago, but I feel like I’ve been with them longer. You share my vision for creating audiovisual projects and I hope to get one done soon. HEY CBD helps me to feel 100% every day and to be able to give my best in every session. Thank you so much to all three of you.


. Abusing your confidence and experience, any extra tips to keep progressing in surfing and stay motivated?

The next wave you surf will disappear when it arrives to the shore, so take the best out of it, or just enjoy it 🙂


Thank you so much Yael for your words! See you soon 🙂


Arcco Medium // Thruster fins


Bee Large // Thruster fins


6″6 mm // Pro Tech Leash


3 Piece Vol.2 // Traction Pad


Waterproof Bag


6″7 mm // Pro Tech Leash


Meet with Diogo Martins

. Hey Diogo, how’s it going!  First of all, congratulations for your recent incorporation to Team Deflow, tell us about how has been your process of approaching the brand and what does it mean for you, as a surfer, to sign with Deflow!

Thank you! I’m glad to share my thoughts with you! I was introduced to Deflow a couple months ago in a (unusual) uncrowned coxos lineup. I was having fun with my twin fin and the vibe was great when I met Joseba, he was surfing an asymmetrical surfboard with his Deflow fins and just got really curious about fin placement and shape. He told me about the brand and right now, signing with a European brand creating their own products makes the whole learning process a lot more fun! And it’s all about that!

. In order for our audience to get to know you a little better, tell us where you’re from, what spots you frequent and how is the environment where you surf.

I’m from Lisbon, I grew up surfing most of the time in Carcavelos, it’s my local powerful beachbreak but since I got my driving license I’d rather drive a few kilometres away form the crowds and find a wave to enjoy with my friends. I spend a lot of time in ericeira nowadays!

.  In addition to Deflow, you also surf for Volcom, something that is not available to many. What are your plans for the future and what projects or goals do you have as a surfer? Any goal you would like to achieve in particular?

I got into surfing pretty late and I never had time to create expectations, and everything that I reached is overwhelming! I’m surprised every day and everything is new to me! All I want is to spend time with inspiring humans that bring me into new sensations, I think that’s where evolution starts. There’s so much to grow every minute!

. We have seen a video of you surfing with Gony, how cool! How is your relationship with him and the people at Volcom? …We guess that the support of sponsors on a more personal level must be very important for a surfer as young as you.

Gony is one of my role models and for me being given the possibility to learn from him is the best I could ask. When I first knew I was joining Volcom team, I was really looking forward to actually meet the team, not just the surfers. As I said in the previous question, we learn a lot from others’ experiences and we have a lot to learn from artists, team managers, art directors, etc. It’s a great support to be in touch with everyone!

. Back to your 100% surfing side… How is your day to day life and how do you manage to integrate surfing or training in your daily routine? Do you have a favourite spot or type of wave?

I’m not studying at the moment and I have a lot of available time. A good performer foundation is balanced and I make sure I train both in the water with my coach (Rodrigo Sousa) and in the Gym with my coach (Mário Reis). I manage to have time as well to film and find good waves most of the time in Ericeira and Peniche with my good friend Guilherme Martins which is one of my favourite things to do! As a goofy footer I can’t help but always look for a left. My favourite wave would be a left where I can draw big turns.


. Besides surfing, we know that you like music and exploring more creative facets. Tell us about that other side of Diogo Martins that goes beyond surfing! 

Two years ago I found myself obsessed with surfing and all I thought at the time was surfing. Hopefully I found a special interest in music which led me to books and films and since then I never stopped looking for new artists. It’s all about interpretation and feeling about our everyday experience, that’s what I was fortunate to learn and bring into surfing!

. Regarding the projection of a professional surfer, nowadays you either manage to compete at the highest level or you have to develop creative projects in collaboration with the most important media, in addition to managing your own Social Networks. In this sense, which facet motivates you the most and how do you plan to face your competitive profile?

It’s a world that humans crawl for attention, I mean everyone is getting better everyday and in order to succeed we need to stand out one way or another, I thinks the best is to grow from both worlds. Although my passion is to create and explore the artistic side of surfing, competition plays a big role when it comes to improving surfing skills, and athlete mindset that I find super interesting for life itself!


. Going back to your signing with Deflow… The fact of having the support of a technical brand that has fins, inventions, grips… It is an incredible advantage when it comes to being able to test new material and optimize your performance with what best suits you. What do you think of the brand’s products and which are your favorites?

I’ve been testing products the last couple months, it’s a great opportunity to try new products, and most of all to talk directly with the brand about what can be better for my surfing and my own feedback on the products. I love to ride different boards, I have single fins, twin fins and it feels incredible to try different products for all conditions! I ride the Arcco large in my thruster most of the time, and the Two piece Burgundy traction pad! For my twin fins, I choose the Arin and the Iñigo Agote!

. On the occasion of the signing, you gave life to a small welcome video as a new rider profile. How was the recording and editing process? Tell us about those sessions and your feelings once you’ve seen the final video!

Filmmaking and Editing is a big part of my daily routine and working close with my friend Guilherme taught me a lot by building my influences and my defining my taste, it’s where all of my interests come together and working everyday with a friend makes it more challenging, we are both on the computer in front of the footage for as long as it takes to be ready and the result fulfils both of us! Lou Reed’s This Magic Moment fits perfectly with the slow motion turns in Praia Grande, all recorded in sunny Portugal!

. By the way, you remind us a little bit of Yago Dora, hahahaha, have you ever been told that before? We guess that must be the biggest compliment for you! Hehehehehe. How would you define your surfing and what aspects are you most interested in enhancing and improving?

It is a fantastic compliment indeed, Yago is on of my favourites surfers, his style and incredible technique combined with power and the fact that he’s a goofy footer as well…his airs are absolutely flawless! He’s great in the dream tour and he still manages to release good surf films from his free time! – I’ve always loved big turns and a frontside carve is probably my favourite turn and on of the most difficult turns to do properly. Carves and high airs are what I’m working the most! – Besides regular shortboard surfing I’m focused in improving my surfing with any surfboard, I want to make the most out of any kind of surfboard I get to surf and to make it look easy and fluid!

. Well Diogo, it’s been a real pleasure to talk to you for a while, thank you very much for your time and good luck in your surfing career! See you soon. 

Had a great time answering your questions, it’s good to search and ask ourselves and understand where we come from and where are we going! – See you soon!


Arcco Large // Thruster fins



Iñigo Agote // Twin fins



Arin // Twin fins



2 Piece Burgundy // Traction Pad



Manuel Lezcano Interview Video EN

. Hello Manu! First of all… We are still amazed with the video!
When we saw those crazy barrels we couldn’t help but think that the Canary Islands is the best place in the world! Hahaha, do you agree? What does it mean for you to have grown up -as a person and as a surfer- in Lanzarote?

Thank you very much, it’s a pleasure to be able to share a part of my winter with you.
The Canary Islands is an incredible place, there is no doubt about that, everyone enjoys it in their own way. We are islanders, and thanks to that, there are many of us who can not live with-out the sea and all the good things it brings us in our daily lives. And as a place to grow and live, it lacks nothing, I think I have been privileged to have grown up in this environment.

. Another thing that amazes us is the difficulty that entails El Quemao and Santa, both at the height of the best waves of the North Shore. How does it feel to have seen them break since you were a kid and now be able to surf them like no one else? What do you experience when you enter these spots on such epic days?

When I was a kid I loved going to see it…I dreamed of being there someday, now I just try to learn more and more about them and how to get better every session. Luckily we have great venues ,that always push us to give it our all every day. Epic days are that…. epic days that you don’t forget.

. We imagine that your world stops when there are forecasts and finally the sea dawns as you had dreamed. Do you still feel the same nerves and the same magic after years of tubes and more tubes? How do you live the days like that?

I think that every year I’m worse and I get up earlier to prepare everything, with more nerves. Once I see the sea and that everything is in order … I forget everything and I only think about surfing the best, and enjoy the tubazos of my friends.

. About the material, a crucial aspect to optimize performance in such demanding conditions, what are the fins that give you more confidence in such heavy waves?

This winter I used Arcco large for all my surfs. For my quad, the Supra Quattro, with them I came out of one of the deepest tubes I remember in my everyday wave … so they became my fins for tube days and they have not failed me.

. On the other hand, when things get more playful and you opt for maneuvering and aerial surfing, what are your favorite Deflow models?

I use the Supra Large model a lot on my shortboards, I love the drive they have and how they respond both in bad wind and on smoother days…

. Since every surfer is different and we all have our own preferences …. Are you one of those who have already assigned certain fins to each board or do you change depending on the day and you feel like trying new things? Tell us about that ‘freak’ facet that every good surfer has in his veins! Hahahaha.

The truth is that I play with two models when it comes to thruster…Arcco and Supra Large.
I have my twins with the model of Iñigo Agote…. There are days that I consider only use twins for what I enjoy with them … both in tubes and maneuvers. But for now, I’m happy to alternate and I’ll continue to do so for a while at least hehe.

. If you had to give some golden tips in terms of equipment, surfing requirements, and how to be in the water, what would you say to all those who are planning to spend a winter season in the islands?

Trick question? hehe, I think that as in most places with quality waves, the most important thing is to know how to be in the water…and above all, when to be in the water. Every island is different…but most of the Canary peaks are already quite crowded with just the locals and it is difficult to coexist in a small space. then there are times and waves that can “hold” enough people and you see how everyone catches their wave. the important thing is to know how to recognize what they are and enjoy them with respect.

. Returning to the essence 100% CORE of your video …. No intros, no lifestyle, no bullshit, just tubes and more tubes from the first second! Since you transmit that pure essence of surfing, what does it mean for you to be part of the Deflow team, a brand that we try to keep true to that spirit?
I’m sure there will come quieter things haha, but yes…the truth is that we don’t hold back when it comes to putting one tube after another.

For me it’s incredible to be able to transmit my feedback on the material I use. I already did it with the boards, and now, with the fins, grips etc. so I feel happy to belong to the Deflow family and to be able to grow and improve with you.

. Precisely values like surfing and family are the ones that dictate your life. We would like you to talk about the things that are essential to you so that people can get to know a little more about the other Manu that doesn’t appear in the videos. What things and ideals define your personality and your day to day life?

As it may seem to many, the value of family is multiplied by 1000 when you are a father. My world revolves around my family and trying to enjoy every day with them. It is also incredible to transmit my love for the sea and the waves to my son, as my father did with me … .

. Nothing else Manu. Thank you for trusting us and our products and, above all, for sharing with us such unrepeatable moments in and out of the water.

Thanks to you guys, I hope to see you soon!

Manuel Lezcano Interview Video ES

. ¡Ese Manu! Antes de nada… ¡Pedazo de vídeo, eh!
Cuando hemos visto esos olones no hemos podido evitar pensar que Canarias es el mejor lugar del mundo. Jajaja. ¿Estás de acuerdo? ¿Qué supone para ti haber crecido –como persona y como surfista- en Lanzarote?

Muchas Gracias ¡ un placer poder compartir una parte de mi invierno con ustedes.
Canarias es un lugar increíble, de eso no hay duda, cada uno lo disfruta a su manera. Somos isleños ,y gracias a eso ,somos muchos los que no podemos vivir sin el mar y sin todas las cosas buenas que nos aporta en nuestro día a día . Y como lugar para crecer y vivir no le falta de nada, pienso que he sido un privilegiado por haber crecido en este entorno.

. Otra cosa que nos ha flipao es la dificultad que entrañan El Quemao y la Santa, ambas a la altura de las mejores olas de la North Shore.
¿Qué sientes al haberlas visto romper desde niño y ahora ser capaz de surfearlas como nadie? ¿Qué experimentas cuando entras en esos spots en días tan épicos?

De niño me encantaba ir a verlo…soñaba con estar ahí algún día .Ahora sólo trato de aprender cada vez un poco más sobre ellas y sobre cómo superarme cada sesión. Por suerte contamos con locales de lujo ,que siempre nos empujamos a darlo todo cada día.
Los días épicos son eso….días épicos que no se olvidan.

. Imaginamos que tu mundo se detiene cuando hay previs y por fin amanece el mar como habías soñado. ¿Sigues notando los mismos nervios y la misma magia tras años de tubos y más tubos? ¿Cómo vives los días así?

Creo que cada año lo llevo peor y me levanto a preparar todo antes ,con más nervios . una vez veo el mar y que todo está en orden…se me olvida todo y ya sólo pienso en surfear la mejor, y en disfrutar de los tubazos de mis amigos.

. Acerca del material, un aspecto crucial para poder optimizar el rendimiento en unas condiciones tan exigentes, ¿cuáles son las quillas que te proporcionan una mayor confianza en olas tan heavys?

Este invierno usé en todos mis baños las Arcco large. Para mis quad ,las Supra Quattro, con ellas salí de uno de los tubos más profundos que recuerdo en mi ola de todos los días …así que pasaron a ser mis quillas para los días de tubos y no me han fallado.

. Por otra parte, cuando la cosa se pone más juguetona y optas por un surf de maniobras y aéreos, ¿cuáles son tus modelos de Deflow favoritos?

Uso mucho en mis tablas cortas el modelo de Supra Large. Me encanta el drive que tienen y como responden tanto con viento malo como con días más lisos.

. Dado que cada surfista es un mundo y todos tenemos nuestras manías…. ¿Eres de los que ya tiene asignadas unas quillas determinadas a cada tabla o vas cambiando según tengas el día y te apetezca probar nuevas cosas? ¡Cuéntanos acerca de esa faceta ‘freak’ que todo buen surfista lleva en las venas! Jajajaja.

La verdad que juego con dos modelos cuando se trata de thruster…Arcco y Supra Large.
tengo mis twins con el modelo de Iñigo Agote ….hay días que me planteo sólo usar twins por lo que disfruto con ellos…tanto en tubos como en maniobras. Pero por ahora estoy encantado alternando y así seguiré por un tiempo al menos jeje

. Si tuvieras que dar unos consejos de oro en cuanto a equipamiento, exigencia de surf y saber estar en el agua, ¿qué les dirías a todos aquellos que estén planeando en ir a pasar una temporada de invierno a las islas?

Pregunta con trampa ¿?¿? jeje
Yo creo que como en la mayoría de lugares con olas de calidad,lo más importante es saber estar en el agua…y sobre todo ,cuando estar en el agua. Cada isla es diferente…pero la mayoría de los picos canarios están ya bastante llenos sólo con los propios locales y se hace difícil la convivencia en un espacio pequeño. Luego hay momentos y olas que pueden “aguantar” bastante gente y ves como todo el mundo pilla su olita. lo importante es saber reconocer cuáles son y disfrutar de ellas con respeto.

. Retomando la esencia 100% CORE de tu vídeo… Ni intros, ni lifestyle, ni hostias. ¡Tubos y más tubos desde el primer segundo! Dado que transmites esa esencia pura del surf, ¿qué supone para ti formar parte del equipo de Deflow, una marca que tratamos de mantener fiel a dicho espíritu?

Vendrán cosas más tranquilas jaja, pero sí…la verdad que no nos cortamos a la hora de meter un tubo detrás de otro. 
Para mí es increíble poder transmitir mi fedback sobre el material que uso. Ya lo hacía con las tablas, y ahora, con las quillas, grips etc así que me siento feliz de poder pertenecer a la familia Deflow y poder crecer y mejorar con ustedes.

. Precisamente valores como el surf o la familia son los que dictan tu vida. Nos gustaría que hablases de las cosas que te resultan esenciales para que la gente pueda conocer un poco más a ese otro Manu que no sale en los vídeos. ¿Qué cosas e ideales definen tu personalidad y tu día a día?

Como a muchos les puede parecer ,el valor de la familia se multiplica por 1000 cuando eres padre. Mi mundo gira en torno a la familia y en tratar de disfrutar cada día con ellos .También es increíble el transmitir mi amor por el mar y las olas a mi hijo ,cómo hizo mi padre conmigo.

. Nada más Manu. Gracias por confiar en nosotros y en nuestros productos y, sobre todo, por compartir con nosotros unos momentos tan irrepetibles dentro y fuera del agua.☺

Gracias a ustedes espero verles pronto. Un saludo.

Welcome to Deflow Family - Matteo Fabbri

“Sono Matteo Fabbri, abito a Riccione, una ridente cittadina sulla costa Adriatica, penso uno dei posti peggiori dove poter surfare in Italia, le mareggiate sono veloci e poco consistenti.
Nonostante questo più o meno all’età di 8 anni, spinto da mio padre, mi sono incuriosito a questo fantastico mondo, prima solo in estate poi la passione è cresciuta insieme a me.
Questa fantastica passione mi ha portato a viaggiare per il mondo, anche per gareggiare in fantastici eventi contro surfisti fortissimi a volte portando a casa ottimi risultati, riempiendomi di orgoglio perché venendo da un posto senza onde questo momento rende molto fiero.
La passione per lo shaping penso sia sempre stata dentro di me, forse perché mio babbo si shapava i Windsurf da solo quando non c’erano ancora in Italia, forse perché sono stato sempre incuriosito da tutte quelle forme particolari che potevano avere le tavole e i vari stili di surf. Tutto ciò, durante uno dei miei viaggi in California, mi ha spinto a chiedere a Steve Boehne (fondatore di Infinity Surfboards mio ex sponsor) che mi ospitava sempre, di insegnarmi l’arte dello shaping.
Tornato a casa ero gasatissimo e grazie al mio amico Cece (Sequoia Surfboards) che mi ha ospitato nella sua shaping room mi ha fatto shapare qualche altra tavola per me. Le tavole venivano bene e i miei amici erano tutti vogliosi di tavole, allora così decisi di farmi la mia piccola shaping room!
Adesso sono totalmente preso da questo nuovo mondo che mi spinge a creare, e testare tutte le idee che mi vengo in mente per creare tavole performanti e allo stesso tempo con linee classiche come log, fish, mid e asimmetriche da utilizzare sia nelle nostre strane condizioni adriatiche sia su onde oceaniche.
Questa nuova collaborazione con DeFlow mi gasa tantissimo perché credo che la simbiosi tra tavole e pinne sia fondamentale, e questo mi stimola ancora di più a creare la giusta armonia tra le due parti per creare qualcosa di speciale!”
words by Matteo Fabbri

“I’m Matteo Fabbri, I live in Riccione, one small but pretty nice city, on the east coast of Italy. One of the worst place to surf in Italy, waves are small and inconsistent mostly of the time, but you know the surf is pure passion and enraptures you.
I started surfing at around 8 years old, introduced by my dad, only in the summer but years after years that passion grew up with me. The same passion that pushes me to travel a lot, everywhere in the world, competing with some of the best longboarders, sometimes with great results, which makes me really proud because I come from a place basically with no waves.
The passion for shaping maybe I was hidden in me since I was kid, because my dad use to shape its own windsurf I back in the days. I’ve always been in love with new surfboards and so curious, plus the weird condition of surfing that we got at home pushed me to try different shape. During one of the many surf trips I did to California I asked Steve Boehne (the owner of Infinity Surfboard, my old sponsor) to introduce me to the shaping art, so I spent most of the trip in the shaping bay with him.
When I came back I started shaping some boards for me in a dear friend’s shaping room and I like it a lot so I started building my own shaping room.
Now I’m totally in love with this, and I constantly push myself to create always different surfboards, for every condition, kind of waves, different template, log, fish, mid and I don’t think this researching will ever end.
I’m so glad for this collaboration with DeFlow because the right harmony between surfboard and fins is so important to create something special.”
words by Matteo Fabbri