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Welcome to Deflow Family - Laura Coviella

We are pleased to introduce Laura Coviella to the Deflow family.

If we had to choose one person who has stood out for her effort and growth in big wave surfing in the last year, it would be Laura Coviella.

Born in the Canary Islands, Laura discovered surfing at the age of 11. In addition to competing at the European level, Laura always stood out in powerful waves. Her perseverance and motivation have proven to be limitless, and we can’t wait to see what next winter has in store for her.



Video by Twin Films (@twinfilms_)
Additional footage: Martxel Txintxurreta
Song: Renge – Hola Hola
Special thanks to Javi and Jose Postigo, and Lorenzo “Seis” Suárez.
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laura coviella deflow surf jose postigo
laura coviella deflow surf jose postigo


One session with William Aliotti

A few minutes of those Classic French conditions, during the last day it was on with William Aliotti



Presented by Jack’s Burger

Production: Ripitup

Music: Sofi Tukker I Drinkee

Video/Edit: Lucas Chazel

Additional footage : Léon Bachan – Oscar Valencia


Noah Hecht by Jose María Cabrera

Noah Hecht Suarez has been training with Jose Maria Cabrera at JMC Surftraining since he was 9 years old. Noah is a 16 year old young man from Asturias with a very powerful surfing and a very polished technique.

In this video Jose Maria talks about his beginnings at JMC, what he has become and where he is going.

Welcome to Deflow Family - Yael Peña

We are excited to introduce you Yael Peña, the new blood of European surfing.

Born in the island of Tenerife, Yael mixes the powerful surfing of the volcanic islands with a fresh air game. Travelling all around the globe from an early age has brought Yael cultural richness and a special taste on photography.

Video by Twin Films (link)

Song: Gary Numan – M.E. (1979)

Special thanks to Javi and Jose Postigo, and to Lorenzo “Seis” Súarez.

Supported by Deflow

How To Tame A Board Under 5 Feet | Adrien Toyon

Adrien Toyon recently took a trip to Reunion Island, where he grew up. The clip above shows him confidently navigating through the sharky hotspot on boards no bigger than 5 feet.

Normally, he would take his 5,11″ performance to surf the wave of Saint-Leu, but this time he took two small crafts and went out to see how they would felt. As you can see, he looks pretty happy on both shapes. First shape is a Noon 5,0″, second one a 4,2″ from Numb surfboards crafted by Nico.

It might be pretty difficult to surf smaller boards, but we are willing to see how Adrien surprises us on the next time.



Wondering which fins did Adrien ride on this little surfboards?

Adrien Toyon signature fins


Noah Lane - Variety Ep1

#Variety is an experimental film series by Joāo Tudella and Noah Lane reflecting and hopefully stimulating connection and presence in the ocean made for Instagram. Episode 1 is a look at the disarming, visceral fun of friction-free wave riding.

Film: Joāo Tudella @jtudella
Sound: Tiago Perestrelo @tiagoperestrelo
Stills and second camera: Matthieu Glemarec @matthieu_glemarec

2020 Reel - Oscar Valencia

Our friend and family member has launched a little reel with some of his projects from 2020.

Featuring Eithan Osborne, Aritz Aranburu, William Aliotti, Charly Quivront, Erwin Bliss, Jules Lepecheux, Margaux Arramon, Adrien Toyon, Martin Le Clair, Issam Auptel, Gauthier Soubirous, Andy Criere, Marc Lacomare, Soom Studio, Manuel Lezcano.

Welcome to Deflow Family - Erwin Bliss

We are glad to welcome one of the most interesting free-surfers and unique character, Erwin Bliss. Talented, passionate, and with a huge fixation on airs, Erwin shows us the surfing we have been missing for a long time. All in moves and full commitment on surfing.

Video by Oscar Valencia

Additional filming by Yentl Tourboul, Jason Yeoman and Wes Grant

Lettering by Soom Studio

Supported by Deflow

Margaux x Deflow


We invited Margaux to our headquarters in Basque Country and gave her a bucket full of yellow paint. “Do whatever you feel”, and she quikly started to draw lines one our walls. Inspired by the influence in architectural shapes from the 70s, Margaux fin mixes reactivity and trim.

Filmed and edited by Oscar Valencia

What does Adrien ride?

We all are curious what our favourite surfers ride on their average surf, and also on the best days of the year.

We have teamed up with MarGruesa and Adrien Toyon to know more about his quiver and the new shapes he has being trying this summer.

Directed and edited by Oscar Valencia

Additional footage by Benjamin Fabre and Ricardo Junji

Lettering by Soom Studio