Margaux x Deflow


We invited Margaux to our headquarters in Basque Country and gave her a bucket full of yellow paint. “Do whatever you feel”, and she quikly started to draw lines one our walls. Inspired by the influence in architectural shapes from the 70s, Margaux fin mixes reactivity and trim.

Filmed and edited by Oscar Valencia

What does Adrien ride?

We all are curious what our favourite surfers ride on their average surf, and also on the best days of the year.

We have teamed up with MarGruesa and Adrien Toyon to know more about his quiver and the new shapes he has being trying this summer.

Directed and edited by Oscar Valencia

Additional footage by Benjamin Fabre and Ricardo Junji

Lettering by Soom Studio

Margaux X Deflow

“This fin model got inspired from an alternative style of surfing that mixes reactivity and trim. The design comes from a very big influence in architectural shapes from the 70s. The square in the corner is yellow because it is a pop colour and it represents the sun, the warmth of summer . I wanted to make something simple, minimalist but also original. Making Something that matches aesthetically with any board was important.”

Margaux is one of our favourite surfers to see on a wave. Her pure perception of the sea and way of transforming her creativity into art inspires everyone near her. Margaux’s fin adds more performance and manoeuvrability than pivot fins.

Discover New Margaux 9,8"

Concept/Direction : Oscar Valencia & Margaux Arramon-Tucco
Film/Edit : Oscar Valencia

Pictures: Thomas Lodin

Un Dernier Twist - Clovis & Thomas

We miss summer. Well, some parts of it. 

This is a short video made by Thomas Lodin with some waves of Clovis Donizetti.

Clovis Donizetti at home, Côte des Basques, Biarritz.
Lost and found clips.

Concept/Direction : Clovis Donizetti & Thomas Lodin
Film/Edit : Thomas Lodin

Music : Les Chats Sauvages – Derniers baisers

First Shape - Adrien Toyon

There are few things as exciting (and challenging at the same time) as making your own surfboard. Understanding the design and visualising how your craft will go. And then, of course, surfing it for the first time.

After our “First Love” video, Adrien Toyon decided to try and shape his first board with the help of the local legend Peta. Once all the process was finished, he took the board back to his home in Reunion Island. Coming back to the waves that you surf since you were a child is very special. This time, with the first shape, it was even more.

Starring Adrien Toyon and Peta

A short film by Martxel Txintxurreta

Images by Martxel Txintxurreta and Ricardo Junji

Volcanic Dream - Manuel Lezcano

Manuel Lezcano lives in front of one of the heaviest reef breaks in Europe, “El Quemao” in the Canary Islands. Where most of the people see a thick and hollow barrel that breaks on the sharp volcanic rocks of Lanzarote, Manuel has lived many of the best moments of his live inside that dreamy wave.

Volcanic Dream is a short video that has being produced thanks to the local community of La Santa, In Process, Quemao Class, Franito Surf Home.

Thank you also to the filmers David Toribio, German Abreu, Alejandro Marote.

Thanks to Gorka Ezkurdi for the cover picture. And thanks to Oscar Valencia for directing this project.

Gracias al Mar

We would like to introduce you to Adrian Lopez, stylish surfer and a unique character from our surfing culture. With the influence of many other surfers and shapers, he started to shape his own boards trying to experience and find his own style.

When he saw one of the longest swells of the decade approaching the coast of Morocco, he finished a couple of big fishes and drove south. The result, pure flow and connection.

filmed by Elisa Beltrán (@_elisabeltran_)

edited by Adrian Lopez (@adrokultura)

song So long, Lonesome by Explosions in the Sky

Deflow x Adrien Toyon

Deflow introduces the new collaboration fin with Adrien Toyon.

Adrien is not only an amazing surfer, but a free soul, humble and charismatic. He comes from Reunion Island, although currently he resides in Biarritz, where you can see him flying over the high tide wedges.

Adrien Toyon’s surfing is wild and powerful. He likes airs and strong carves on open faces. While designing and testing his signature model fins, Adrien went through different shapes and materials, and we ended up keeping the classic honeycomb composition. Stiff in the base, with a bit of flex in the tip, Adrien’s fin works in both pointbreaks and beachbreaks.

Filmed and edited by Oscar Valencia
Song: Happens To The Heart – Leonard Cohen.

Deflow and Donizetti - New Dnd 8,75"

We have always been inspired by how Clovis understands surfing. Were some people just see it as a summer entertainment, Clovis has made surfing his life, and has very clear vision of the importance of culture, respect and legacy.

There is few things we can tell about his surfing that you haven’t seen yet. His clean style and elegance walking on the board feels like jazz in our ears. A piece constructed with the right perfect notes, a mastery of rhythm while leaving room for improvisation always performed without frills.

We feel fortunate to collaborate with Clovis in this Dnd 8,75″ fin, a “speed fin”, made for trimming with control at high speeds.


Video by Oscar Valencia
Song: Agua de Beber – Antonio Carlos Jobim

BALLADE | Clovis Donizetti & Thomas Lodin

We all know winter in France feels quite long, right? Some of us get a thick wetsuit and warm coffee before morning surfs, others just take a plane and run away.

“Every winter for more than a decade now, I’ve been flying away from the cold winters to find warmer places. At first, my trips were mainly for surfing or competitions. This year, we visited our second home, Australia.” Clovis

One glider, a musical improvisation by Clovis and Thomas behind the lenses. The simple pleasure of sliding on long and warm waves of the southern hemisphere.


All pictures are from Thomas Lodin. This project has being supported by Oxbow