Grab some boards. Gather some friends. Hit the road and don’t look back. It’s a simple formula, but it never fails to produce a fantastic result. The Deflow crew recently went on a fun-first coastal road trip.

The goal was to experience new sensations — whether that meant surfing a new wave for the first time or seeing how a board would react to a new set of fins.

We let the wind and the tide call the shots and kept our agenda as open as the big blue sky. We found waves. We found fun. We found new ways to explore our love for surfing. Because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

We were lucky enough to visit the amazing landscapes of Cantabria, staying with our friends of Berria Surf Camp and surfing with them.

Directed and edited by Oscar Valencia.

Images by
Oscar Valencia
Alex Kuesta

Thanks to
Berria Surf Camp
Antonio Bretones
Oscar Valencia
Cosme Arostegui
Alex Kuesta
Dani Roman
Ruben Abalenda
Iñigo Idigoras (Palotes)
Adrien Toyon