Few times per year, the ocean wakes up with complete foggy mornings. Even if we try to see how the conditions look like, we are unable to see through the fog. There could be bad conditions, or it could be one of the best surfing session on a long time.

Even if no one likes this kind of situations, it brings us back to the old times of surfing, when no forecast or webcam were available. If you weren’t lucky enough to live by the sea, it was hard to make the right choice.

This time, luckily for our ambassadors Miguel Castrillon and Coke Fontes, the waves were firing.


All Pictures by Coke Fontes (@cokoif)




We are more than happy to have this energetic and charismatic surf in our team. His fresh approach on any kind of fins and accessories helps us to develop and improve our products.

Want to know which is his favourite Deflow equipment?

6ft 6mm Leash


3 Piece Traction


Front Pad


Supra Medium