The plan was to get the most out of the only free week I had all summer. That’s why we took a handful of boards for small waves and set off for Euskadi, where a few colleagues were waiting for us to surf for a while, shoot some pictures and take a few beers.

The fact is that we went without too many expectations since we had not even looked the forecast, but it ended up getting some cool pictures. And as we always end up talking about movies, books and music … Well, we took the opportunity to create some content for WWW.ROAD666.COM with the photos and recommendations of the entire club that we met.



It’s cool for me to do this kind of stories because, after a while, you look back and, thanks to them, you notice things that maybe you do not appreciate at the moment.

After all, it is the testimony of how (and with whom) we live in a specific moment of our life.



Oh! And about the name ‘Hate Summer’ … We went to really crowded places, with terrible heats, coca cola at the price of Rioja Crianza, problems to find a place to park, Sundays lovers, and kooks everywhere.

It’s clear, right? 😉



If you want to see the full magazine, link is:

Pictures via:
Cecilia Alvarez, Sergio Riaño, Jose Prieto, Legi Alonso.