The new video from our friends of Wasted Talent is out and it deserves your attention.

Hope Springs Eternal, 10 wet days on the Emerald Isle with Adrien Toyon, Ethan Egiguren and Titouan Boyer. Three underground European surfers with a nose for emerald tainted waves and a great thirst for Guinness.

Now a quintessential part of any time spent in Ireland is the Rain.  In fact, it’s annoying when it’s sunny, as you know it will rain. At least, at the peak of the deluge you know it will clear. Eventually we learn just to embrace it. As after hour 3 of a ten day trip, everything is wet. By this stage the Land Rover doesn’t just smell let like dog, but a wet abattoir of wet dogs. Mixed with IPA. Oh, and the Guinness split over the back seats. The Rain, the wind. The wind and the rain.

Yet, hope springs eternal.