Margaux is by far one of our favourite surfers to see on a wave. He pure perception of the sea and  way of transforming her creativity into art inspires everyone near her.

Margaux Arramon-Tucoo grew up in Biarritz, surfing the shores of the Atlantic ocean, mixing surfing and art, her two major influences.

We made some questions in order to know more about a person who is shaping a unique path. Her influences, her icons to follow, her future plans…



Which are your inspirations in surfing?

My main inspirations in surfing , as a girl I would say, Kassia Meador , and in the boys gang , George Greenough , Marc Cunningham , Al knost , Joel Tudor …

When you were a child, and you started surfing, what inspired you? tell as your story

My main inspiration to start surfing were the other girl surfers that I saw surfing around me and having so much fun .. Then when I grew up as a teenager they came to me and brought me everywhere .. I really understood everything I needed to learn about traveling, boards and equipment .. still learning nowadays .

Which surf magazine and video have you watched the most?

I loved surfers journal and looking into art reviews … some of them included surfing .

It ́s said that a surfer becomes a surfer when starts traveling, visiting new countries and getting to know new cultures. Do you remember your first trip?

After a few trips to Spain , my real first surf trip came when I left home to go live in Cali with my mentor Kassia Meador for three months.

Who are your favorite surfers nowadays? The most interesting?

I still look up a lot to Kass , I hang out with a very talented surfer lady called Erin Ashley during my stays in California as well … and all the guys that surf alternative boards and mostly have fun on it , shape dust it off and go surf it .

Apart from surfing what are you interested on?

I love art , music and people.

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Which is your everyday board and fin?

My everyday board is either a noserider or a good classic but faster log both between 9’2 and 9′

What kind of board, fins or type of surfing do you want to try next?

I would love to learn more into fun boards , I`ve been having a lot of fun the last couple years but I want to improve myself , I have a couple paipos at home aswell that I want to ride in really speedy but small shallow waves …



What does progression in surfing means to you?

It means getting there without getting bored out of it .. learning that when you get bored of a board or a wave , move on and change the scene for a week you will feel so happy to be back on it after that. Stay a child as long as it belongs to the beach and the waves (;

Where do you want to see yourself in 10 years?

Somewhere I will call home and doing things that make me satisfied !

Margaux blog

Photos by Yoan Fournier.