If you haven’t met him yet, lets introduce you to Tarik Rahim. We know him for some years now, and we always have been interested by his artistic way of doing things. From helping his father at the family business crafting surfboards in Asturias, to compose his own music with his band Carisma.

Ah, and we can’t forget his unique style of surfing different boards and having fun with any kind of waves.

We asked him a few questions and proposed him to create a little playlist to inaugurate our Spotify channel.


Deflow: How is it going?

Tarik: Hey, what’s up, all good around here

D: First of all, introduce yourself, tell us where you come from…

T: Conceptually Tarik Rahim is 20 years old, was born on a cold day of January in Asturias (Spain) but his parents are from the tropical and sunny Brazil and his grandfather was originally from Lebanon, so he is a quiet big combination of cultures that melts into surf (because his dad has been a shaper since the 70’s), music, drawing, photography and in general terms, using creativity in the ways he consider cool since he was little tiny punk.

D: Music, surfing, photography… where does this creativity come from?

T: That’s a little mystery still, but as far as I know, it came in a really natural way; I remember I used to look up for super sketchy websites where I could download music illegally when I was like 9 or something, and I also remember coming back from class when it was flat and just spending hours drawing God knows what in these small notebooks that I still keep and try to understand nowadays.


D: We have heard you have a music band too? How is that going?

T: Aaaaah man, for one side it’s been reeeeal good, getting to know a lot of different people, playing in a bunch of places, and specially having a lot of fun with the rest of the band, shout out to my boys Ivan(Pendejo), Ruben and Santi. But in the other hand it has been a bit busy for me managing it, manufacturing the cassettes, doing posters, looking up for gigs, etc, also tried to get the band on a label a month a go, sent like 50 emails but no one answers back even for saying no, so I guess it’s all about timing.

D: Which type of music you normally play? Planning to be on the MTV Ema’s someday? hahaha

T: For the band I mostly do like 60’s kinda garage rock, which I’m a super fan, but besides that back at home, I love playing some bossanova, funky, jazz chords, even a bit of flamenco I don’t know, I love to play other styles of music so I invite everyone to listen to my Soundcloud and if they want just give some feedback haha and about the EMA’s, yeah, why not, CARISMA would be stocked to do some twerking with Miley Cyrus hahaha


D:  Ok, so now introduce us the little music recompilation you’ve done for us 🙂

T: Alright, maybe is a bit confusing for whoever listens to it because there are many different styles of music in that playlist, but there’s one only thing they have in common, and that’s the energy and vibe every single song gives, not each of it has the same energy but they still transmit something, so I hope everyone finds it and enjoys it.

 If the Playlist bellow is not visible, click here