. Hello Manu! First of all… We are still amazed with the video!
When we saw those crazy barrels we couldn’t help but think that the Canary Islands is the best place in the world! Hahaha, do you agree? What does it mean for you to have grown up -as a person and as a surfer- in Lanzarote?

Thank you very much, it’s a pleasure to be able to share a part of my winter with you.
The Canary Islands is an incredible place, there is no doubt about that, everyone enjoys it in their own way. We are islanders, and thanks to that, there are many of us who can not live with-out the sea and all the good things it brings us in our daily lives. And as a place to grow and live, it lacks nothing, I think I have been privileged to have grown up in this environment.

. Another thing that amazes us is the difficulty that entails El Quemao and Santa, both at the height of the best waves of the North Shore. How does it feel to have seen them break since you were a kid and now be able to surf them like no one else? What do you experience when you enter these spots on such epic days?

When I was a kid I loved going to see it…I dreamed of being there someday, now I just try to learn more and more about them and how to get better every session. Luckily we have great venues ,that always push us to give it our all every day. Epic days are that…. epic days that you don’t forget.

. We imagine that your world stops when there are forecasts and finally the sea dawns as you had dreamed. Do you still feel the same nerves and the same magic after years of tubes and more tubes? How do you live the days like that?

I think that every year I’m worse and I get up earlier to prepare everything, with more nerves. Once I see the sea and that everything is in order … I forget everything and I only think about surfing the best, and enjoy the tubazos of my friends.

. About the material, a crucial aspect to optimize performance in such demanding conditions, what are the fins that give you more confidence in such heavy waves?

This winter I used Arcco large for all my surfs. For my quad, the Supra Quattro, with them I came out of one of the deepest tubes I remember in my everyday wave … so they became my fins for tube days and they have not failed me.

. On the other hand, when things get more playful and you opt for maneuvering and aerial surfing, what are your favorite Deflow models?

I use the Supra Large model a lot on my shortboards, I love the drive they have and how they respond both in bad wind and on smoother days…

. Since every surfer is different and we all have our own preferences …. Are you one of those who have already assigned certain fins to each board or do you change depending on the day and you feel like trying new things? Tell us about that ‘freak’ facet that every good surfer has in his veins! Hahahaha.

The truth is that I play with two models when it comes to thruster…Arcco and Supra Large.
I have my twins with the model of Iñigo Agote…. There are days that I consider only use twins for what I enjoy with them … both in tubes and maneuvers. But for now, I’m happy to alternate and I’ll continue to do so for a while at least hehe.

. If you had to give some golden tips in terms of equipment, surfing requirements, and how to be in the water, what would you say to all those who are planning to spend a winter season in the islands?

Trick question? hehe, I think that as in most places with quality waves, the most important thing is to know how to be in the water…and above all, when to be in the water. Every island is different…but most of the Canary peaks are already quite crowded with just the locals and it is difficult to coexist in a small space. then there are times and waves that can “hold” enough people and you see how everyone catches their wave. the important thing is to know how to recognize what they are and enjoy them with respect.

. Returning to the essence 100% CORE of your video …. No intros, no lifestyle, no bullshit, just tubes and more tubes from the first second! Since you transmit that pure essence of surfing, what does it mean for you to be part of the Deflow team, a brand that we try to keep true to that spirit?
I’m sure there will come quieter things haha, but yes…the truth is that we don’t hold back when it comes to putting one tube after another.

For me it’s incredible to be able to transmit my feedback on the material I use. I already did it with the boards, and now, with the fins, grips etc. so I feel happy to belong to the Deflow family and to be able to grow and improve with you.

. Precisely values like surfing and family are the ones that dictate your life. We would like you to talk about the things that are essential to you so that people can get to know a little more about the other Manu that doesn’t appear in the videos. What things and ideals define your personality and your day to day life?

As it may seem to many, the value of family is multiplied by 1000 when you are a father. My world revolves around my family and trying to enjoy every day with them. It is also incredible to transmit my love for the sea and the waves to my son, as my father did with me … .

. Nothing else Manu. Thank you for trusting us and our products and, above all, for sharing with us such unrepeatable moments in and out of the water.

Thanks to you guys, I hope to see you soon!