Now more than ever, we surf.

We’re living in strange and confusing times. Everything seems different nowadays. Concerts, bars, even a beer with your mates after a surf sesh. We are loosing our essence, what defines us as a community. And that’s why, now more than ever, we all should be able to surf. To bring back normality to our lives, even for an hour. To meet our friends in the water, safely. And to enjoy what we all love, being out there.

A good talk with Andy

We had a chat with Andy at the beginning of winter. “Once I go and surf, everything feels the same. We are all there, sharing waves and having fun,” he told us, just after his morning surf session. “When we were in lockdown, I realized how important surfing is in my life. I could see the waves, I could feel the fresh air, and since I was unable to do what defines me, now I don’t waste any minute, I don’t say no to a windy onshore session.”

Now more than ever, support your local business.

It’s time to help our local community, because now more than ever they need us, and we need them too. Here you can find a list of local businesses where you can find our products, Deflow supports local surf shops.

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