Tyler Warren x Deflow

Introducing one of the most exciting collabs of all times: TW x Deflow

Tyler Warren has been, for us, a reference on board building and art. Shaped his first board at age 14, Tyler has been connected to surfing since then, developing amazing board and art pieces. Tyler can be described as a man who walks his own path, someone that loves nothing more than cutting out of the shaping bay to run down south for a Mexican surf mission.

The collaboration, based on 3 fin designs, is a complete surf quiver for any surfer. We definitely love this Tapered Rake Fin, a very interesting outline for classic noseriding, but that still lets you turn easily.

TW Twin Trailer

The front twins I tried to combine a nice size base for drive with a tapered tip for flex and release. The back fin allows for extra hold when riding as a twin trailer, or wanting to loosen up your favorite thruster.

Construction: 100% fiberglass

TW Thruster / Quad 

This 5 fin set is designed to have a good amount of drive and release as a quad or three fin set up. The thruster has slightly larger sides for lots of drive while the trailer is slightly smaller to loosen it up while still providing plenty of hold.
As a quad the goal is drive with plenty of hold on the front fins and not to much fin on the trailers. I would say this fin is a nice blend of medium/large feeling.

Construction: 100% fiberglass

TW Rake

This fin was designed for a fun balance of pivot and rake, wide base leading into a tapered tip for fluid turns while still holding well on the nose. A great all around fin for most longboards. The smaller ones could be fun in a more eggy style board. This fin has a medium flex in the tip for some extra dive and snap back through turns.

Construction: 100% fiberglass