Calima with Manuel Lezcano

Calima (in English “Haze”) is the local term used in the Canary Islands to describe the presence of suspended dust coming from the African continent (mainly from the Sahara and Sahel deserts). When there is calima, the air takes on a dense aspect, reducing visibility. In the strongest episodes the air becomes reddish in color.

Days of Calima, days of El Quemao.

Manuel Lezcano lives in front of one of the heaviest reef breaks in Europe, “El Quemao” in the Canary Islands. Where most of the people see a thick and hollow barrel that breaks on the sharp volcanic rocks of Lanzarote, Manuel has lived many of the best moments of his live inside that dreamy wave.

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Edited by Oscar Valencia
Filmed by:
JMC Surftrainning
Mario Pérez
David Toribio
Diego Miguelez
Valentin Figuier
Clement Gerbaud
Credits by Soom Studio