3POD MIX video project is the last project from Guilherme Martins and the first edition is starring some of the Deflow family finest riders aka Diogo Martins, Issam Auptel & Yael Peña “having fun in shit waves in Portugal”. Watch video below and learn more about the project by reading Guilherme’s interview.

YouTube video

. Hey Guilherme! How it’s goin’ bro?? We absolutely loved your latest video-project 3POD MIX. Tell us more about it!!


Thank you for the love! It was an absolute pleasure to make. The waves ended up not being ideal, but we sure had fun and got tipsy every now and then. I’d say 3Pod Mix is something we want to keep putting effort into, for the future. Film whenever it feels right and put it out for the fun of it.


. We can feel a really cool flow between all of you, guys. Can you talk about your friendship and the vibe ‘behind the scenes’ of your sessions and trips?


I’m not sure we really knew what we would end up with while filming. Everything came together so naturally thanks to our team manager, Guillaume Dartenuc, who, for some reason, decided to put us all together to film. I didn’t really know Yael and Issam at the time, but I was aware that we all had similar references. It was a fun 10 day trip staying at Diogo’s summer house, trying to find waves and making barbecues.

. Issam, Diogo and Yael… All of them are riders of Deflow and it makes us very happy to see so much camaraderie and union. It’s a kind of Dane’s Chapter11 hahaha. What’s your influences and upcoming stuff? Would you like 3POD evolve under that kind of collective essence way?


Guess I’d be riding Deflow gear too if I actually knew how to surf ahah. We wanna keep filming and putting videos out while we can, that’s for sure. A couple months ago, Yael built the website while we were sleeping, and we’ll be using it as a digital whiteboard to pin some fun behind the scenes and B sides moments from the trips. We all get more inspiration from what the skate and snowboarding fellas are doing. Dust box, cinquieme terrasse, rat ratz, melodi,… that’s what entertains us the most. Pretty physics and chapter11 if we want to get hyped up to surf.

. We also love your Instagram aesthetics which is full of analog photo and ‘raw’ stuff. Are you very into the analog-artie thing? Tell us about your personal interests!


I usually like to carry around an old point-and-shoot film camera my dad used to snap photos with, when he was my age. It’s perfect for the candid captures, and I also like to let everyone grab it and shoot whatever they want!


. Now talk us as filmer, photographer and surf fan please. What’s kind of content and rider are the most motivating to you?


I like that there are still some guys focused on the free surf only. The comps don’t really excite me. I’m more of sitting down and watching clips, and that motivates me to be standing up behind the camera for as long as it takes to get the clips. I really like everything Wade Carroll, Andrew Schoener, Hunter Martinez, Kai Neville, Dan Scott, Yentl, Guillem Cruells put out.


. Since we love your essence and opinion, we’d like to know what makes a Brand cool to your eyes. We’re open to your suggests!! Hahaha.


I really like the way Deflow communicates! Aesthetics are important for me, as you can probably tell ahah… so that would have to be the priority. Other than that, I would say, cutting the crap is pretty much the most important thing. Stay true. Fortunately, Volcom gives us total creative freedom and that’s all we could ask for.

. Back to 3POD… Could you tell us a little more about the places and the waves you’ve been to? All the locations look pretty fun!


We filmed mostly around Caparica, Carcavelos, Ericeira and Sintra. We weren’t that lucky with the forecast so we had to play with what we had.


. Well Guilherme, we’re so glad to share a Little time with you so… We hope to know more about you and to have you back at Deflow Blog!


3POD mix 2 is currently being filmed!!Thank you for the chat 🙂


5 PIECE // Traction Pad


V.2 M // Thruster fins


SUPRA M  // Thruster Fins


6″6 MM // Pro Tech Leash