Welcome Kanaiya Webb

We are really excited about this one ! Kanaiya Webb is this kind of young gun who is catching your eye in the water after seeing him surfing just one wave. 

Clearly inspired by the surfing modern era (Dane Reynolds, Dion Agius, Kai Neville movies, etc.), his surfing is both powerful and aerial.  From Gold Coast area in Australia, it’s definitively an  honor to welcome this young talent to the Deflow family. 

Watch his welcome video edit below and learn more about him by reading his interview.

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YouTube video

  • Hello Kanaiya, how are you doing? First of all, Welcome to our family! Could you introduce yourself? For those who doesn’t know you, who is Kanaiya, where you come from, etc.


Hey, I’m good thanks. Really stoked to be part of the Deflow team. Thanks for inviting me on board.

My names Manu Kanaiya Webb. I’m from Northern NSW on the Tweed Coast of Australia.

I grew up about 20 minutes from the beach on my grandparents property. Had a pretty sweet up bringing. Surfing was always a huge part of our family. Dad would take us surfing, while mum was on the beach filming. We were homeschooled so a huge part of our day was surfing, watching our clips and making little edits, haha !

I never did comps or anything like that. I just had fun surfing with my mates and wanted to surf the best I could to impress my uncle Rangi.

  • This is sick! As we can see in your videos, waves are super fun where you live! Where do you normally surf?

Yeah there is a good selection of waves around where we live. I mostly surf on the Tweed Coast wherever there is a good bank and you can usually get fun uncrowded waves. I try stay away from Snapper and D’bah cause it’s so crowed, but when there’s nowhere else to surf I’ll surf there.

  • We’ve seen that normally mum, dad or your sisters film most of the clips you launch on YT. Could you explain us the process of filming for a clip? Are you editing most of the edits?

Yeah I do all the editing myself. My Parents both love to film so that’s been so skiitzz. My sisters also like to film when the waves get too big for them, so I’ve been pretty lucky with having the family keen on filming.

About a year ago I decided to start my own Youtube channel and started dropping a little clip every 3 months. I feel like it’s a bit more substantial than just posting on insta and its gone in like a minute or so. So yeah just surf heaps and film regularly and have a good time.

  • Could you tell us how you started editing and stuff? Where does all this creativity come from?Could you tell us how you started editing and stuff? Where does all this creativity come from? 

From a pretty young age I loved coming home after a surf and making up little edits to show my uncles.  It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing. I feel like it has pushed my surfing and helped me to improve. I guess my inspiration comes from the Fun Boys, Kai Neville and Dane Reynolds Marine Layer and Chapter 11.tv.

  • Style is key for most of the surfers. How would you describe a stylish surfer? Which are your inspirations regarding this?

Yeah I reckon style is definitely important. Someone that has good flow, power, speed and freakishness is how I would describe good style. Dane Reynolds, Taj Borrow and all the Rage boys and my uncle Rangi Ormond are where I draw inspiration from.

  • We’ve seen you use kind of “retro” shortboards. Could you tell us a bit more about your shapers?

I would like to give a big thanks to BK shapes ( Bruce Kay ). So grateful to be working with him. BK is a local shaper in tweed and has been shaping 29 years for the big brands but has been doing his own thing for a while now and shaping out of a converted horse stable. He reached out to me a few years ago and we have been working together ever since. He is super humble and extremely talented shaper. I’ve been loving riding his boards and working with him.

  • You turned 18 recently, right? Which are your plans for this year? Any surf trip around?

Yeah just turnd 18 end of January. I’m in New Zealand at the moment, then heading to Hawaii for a month through February and possibly a Quiksliver trip to the States while I’m up there. I am pretty keen to do an Indo trip this year as well. So yeah a few things to look forward to and hopefully drop a couple clips and just have a good time.

  • Now talking about your relationship with Deflow, could you tell us a bit more about which are your favorite fins and equipment?

Yeah was stoked when you guys reached out to me. I really like the look of the company, quality of your products and the style of your brand. All the products I have tried are working like a charm! I have been using the Pulse Large fin, which go really well and the leggies feel really good and like the feel and look of the grip pads stoked!!

  • Thank you so much Kanaiya! It’s an absolute pleasure to have you onboard.

Thank you guys so much! Stoked to be on the team and looking forward for the next few years to come with you guys!


PULSE L // Thruster Fins


LEGI ALONSO // Traction Pad


CORE LEASH // 5″6mm


ARCCO M // Thurster Fins


Community of Surf Enthusiasts: Vero

Collaborations don’t always begin in our offices. This time it was a surprising message from one of our non-official ambassadors. “Hey I love this picture, would you mind sharing the original file so I can make some prints on riso paper?”

Vero is a graphic designer and artist based in San Sebastian. Enthusiast about the creative processes, the ocean and skate, Vero brought us this amazing print from the collab with Dead Kooks.

It’s amazing to look back and see the community we are building together, from our love to the sea, design and simple life. This is why we wanted to introduce you to Vero, and open this new chapter of the “Community of surf enthusiasts” serie where we will be sharing different profiles of people from our small community !

What the video to learn more about Vero and see the story behind her connection with the Deflow community below .

YouTube video

“My name is Vero, originally from Germany. Since a kid my sister and me liked to draw or to create things together out of different material, to explore no matter the outcome. So after school I travelled because I had no clue what to study or which field to work in. I decided to study graphic design and in my semester breaks I was working as a surf instructor. This is how I ended up in Donostia (San Sebastian).

Most people I collaborate with I met through surfing or skating.  I fully appreciate when people surf or skate in their own way. It’s a form of art, expressing yourself in your own unique style. I like to create with others and explore new fields & mostly enthusiastic people are my main inspiration, when you start talking, creating an idea in your head, sketching it out and frothing about it to try to make it a reality, as well the struggle of learning new materials, techniques, asking other people for help. Sometimes you fail and sometimes it works it’s all part of the process. Like here in this Garage we  have shared space to screenprint, develop pictures, tufting, shape and learn from each other. Where my friends started showing me how to build my own boards.

Deflow always had some good imagery and I liked how they value artists. I especially loved their incredible shots of the fins, when they collaborated with Dead Kooks.

One day in Zarautz I met Joseba (part of Deflow) in the water and through a friend we got together to print one of pictures in A3. At the same time I joined the Riso summer school in Bilbao of “another press printing studio” and as a result fell fully in love with this technique. I knew immediately that this image just needed to be printed with riso. So Begoña from Another Press helped me realise that vision. (In Tabakalera, there was another riso group founded to investigate and experiment. It’s generally an amazing place where people can connect, meet, learn, create & investigate together.)”

This is the result, a beautiful A3 with one of our highlight collaborations.

We didn’t expect someone from the community reaching us and making this amazing present. This is why we want to share it with all of you.

The next 15 orders will have a print as a gift. Be fast 🙂 !!


COKOIF // Collab Fin






TOWEL // Essential


Twin Fin Lovers

Manu Mosteiro and his girlfriend June Erostarbe have been in Costa Rica for some months already enjoying playful waves and warm waters.

In this edit both riding twin fins and drawing amazing lines with the Mid template, perfect as an intermediate option between the classic Keel and the Duette models.

YouTube video


Mid // Twin fins


Mid Cream // Twin fins


5″6 mm  // Core leash


6ft 5mm Cream // Leash


Laura Coviella in HT video

Here’s the last Laura Coviella video project. HT that stands for “Hopefully Tomorrow” but that is also a reference to Hollow Tree, famous surf spot in the Mentawai Islands.

It’s where Laura spent some intense surfing times along the past months. And well, let’s be honest, after struggling with variable forecast and some solid wipe outs, the full edit is just mind blowing. 

Laura’s surfing keeps being more and more powerful along the years. She’s always looking to improve her skills in solid conditions and we can definitively see the result !

YouTube video


Pulse M // Thruster fins


Sea Green Pad // Grey


5″6 mm  // Core leash


V.2 L // Thruster fins


Welcome Ruben Vitoria

We are happy to introduce Ruben Vitoria in the Deflow Family, a pure talent focused on finding the best surfing. We love Ruben’s spirit, always with a smile on his face, while he searches for the best waves. Doesn’t matter if waves are knee high or gnarliest barrels, he likes to spend his time in the ocean.

Watch his welcome video edit below filmed by our friend Oscar Valencia and learn more about the talented surfer by reading his interview.

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YouTube video

  • Hello Ruben! How are you doing? Seems like you had a few intense weeks in the Canary Islands. What you have been up to?


I am great guys! How are you doing? Right now I am competing in the Canary Islands. It’s being 3 weeks competing around here. I like to call it the Spanish triple crow. The first contest was in Punta Blanca, a wave that is like a skatepark. Great for doing airs and big manoeuvres and when there is a swell there are some good barrels. We have had incredible waves in the first champ. I was surfing great and got a 5th place. The next contest was on the left of Las Americas, a perfect left for turns. Super easy to surf. I got a 3rd place and many high scores. The last contest and the one in which it is decided who will be the champion of the league will be held this weekend on La Cicer beach in Gran Canaria. A fun beach break. The forecast is good for the championship, I hope I can get it home 🙂.

  • Ok, for those who don’t know you, tell us a bit more about yourself. Where do you come from?

I describe myself as a pure passionate for surfing. I like to surf, I don’t care if I surf 0.5m or surf 5m waves. As long as there are waves I am happy. I am from Zarautz, Basque Country and I am 24 years old. My goal is to be one of the best surfers in Europe.

  • That’s sick. We’ve seen you have been super active on competitions and with good results. Which is your plan for the following year?

I want to be at the top of the challenger rankings. I have decided to move to Portugal this next year so I can focus on good waves and training, let’s see if it works!

  • Trainning for all this comps must be hard and you must be very sharp when choosing your surfboards, fins and other accessories. Can you explain us which fins you’ve been using recently and why?

The level is very high and the difference between one surfer and another is very small. In order to be at the top of the rankings you need the best possible material. Now I am lucky to be able to work with Deflow and try different shapes of fins. I am very happy because it allows me to improve my performance. The fins that I like the most are the Supra L. They are 4×4 fins that allow me to surf small and big waves.

  • We’ve seen one of the barrels you got in Safi on this sick edit by Oscar Valencia. When was this? Was it a planned trip or a last call adventure?

This was 3 weeks ago, at home the forecast was bad, stormy and cold. But at the same time, that same swell in Morocco looked extremely good. I had never been to Safi and it was a good opportunity to debut in this magical wave. The swell wasn’t amazing at the end but we were able to catch some good barrels. The first day it was too big and big sets didn’t have proper barrel. The second day of swell, it was smaller and there were better waves. I was lucky enough to catch one of the best waves of the day.


  • Men, Morocco is an amazing country. Do you have any surf trip planned for next year?

I don’t have anything planned yet but I’m going to go for the next swell for Safi for sure.


  • We’ve also seen you have been experimenting with some different shapes. It all began in Mexico last year, right? How was that? Can you explain which different boards you are surfing currently?

Last year in Barra de la Cruz I was lucky enough to be able to surf an asymmetric twin fin from Ryan Burch and I was blown away with the speed of it. This is why I spoke with Jon Garmendia, a shaper from Zarautz, and told him about my experience with that board and that I wanted one just like it. We have made a board and I am testing it. Surfing with an asymmetric board allows you to do things that are much more difficult with a normal board. The tail outs are much easier and the feeling it gives you is like you are flying.


3 PIECE TRACTION // Vol. 2 Mustard


SUPRA L OCHRE // Thruster Fins




CORE LEASH // 5″6mm


Some early birds in Biarritz

Everyone thinks tomorrow will be flat”. This was the call. It could be small and perfect for longboarding, or simply flat. Having our amigo Cokoif around Biarritz those days, we didn’t doubt. “Let’s meet at the parking at 7am”. There we were, Clovis, Margaux, Eliza and Iker, with the photographer Cokoif and last minute addition filmer Xabibel. Luckily a small but perfect left was waiting for us.


Côte des Basques has always been and will always be the home of some of the most influencial longboard scene in the world.  Even though it’s now so crazy packed and leashless surfing forbidden in summer,  the mid-season periods still allow some perfect nose riding sessions along the iconic Villa Belza with just family and friends. The true Côte des Basques locals like Eliza, Clovis, Margaux know it.


A session that reminds Biarritz is just a mellow surf city that still allows great times in the water with friends.

Video by Xabibel & photos by Cokoif .

YouTube video

The avant-garde of Biarritz classic longboard scene: Margaux Arramon-Tucoo, Eliza Aberlbide and Clovis Donizetti.

Creative artist,  Queen Classic Surf Festival co-founder and ultra stylish lonbgoarder Margaux Arramon-Tucoo.

Margaux’s pick // E. Romaguera Signature Fin 


 Clovis Donizetti, Côte des Basques mayor with the Belza Villa in the background

Clovis’ pick // Deadkooks Collab Fin


Special guest for the session, our friend Iker Treviño.

Iker’s pick // E. Romaguera Signature Fin 


New generation shredder with a deep connection to the classic longboard roots but with a modern approach, Eliza Aberlbide.

Eliza’s pick // Cream 9″ Fin 


Diogo Martins on quad

Honestly, it might not be the best moment to watch this last edit from Diogo Martins. While the current North Atlantic swell conditions have been nothing else than big storms for the past three weeks, our Portuguese friend is showing us how fun surfing a quad is in perfect fall conditions.

But well, do not worries amigos ! Indian summer is over but at least crowd is not a problem anymore.  And watching Diogo is just a pure source of motivation to remind that surfing is really about having fun. The kid is ripping with smile, and shows us that you can combine performance and style in any conditions.

Clean waves will come back soon, at some point, and you know it. And when they’ll be back, you’ll remind Diogo’s edit and you will maybe go for a quad option ! Watch edit below and read his interview to learn more about Diogo’s surfing approach.

YouTube video

  • Hey hey ! How are you doing Diogo ? Tell us what you’ve been up to lately.

Heyyy, winter is almost here, great time to try board and fins. I’m trying to surf and learn about boards as much as I can. Whenever the surf is good, I’ll be in the water and then during these big storms we’ve got, I’ll spend my day in the shaping room or learning from good friends (lacrau_surfboards and nothing_surfcrafts) who share their knowledge and passion with me.

  • Board looks sweet under your feet, can you tell me something more about it ?

This Quad is 5’9 19 2 1/8, dimensions I thought that would be good for me. I’m getting to know all the tools and learning how to use them and this first experience ended up nice but not exactly how I imagined. It’s a low rocker board but it’s very straight under the back foot so I made a very shallow single concave flattening out the tail and 60/40 foil soft rails. The deck is flat.

  • So as far as we know, you shaped this board by yourself. Did you use any template? Or trusted your eyes?

Yes I shaped it by myself, this one is my first handshape. I draw the outline for this board. It’s really nice to watch the outline coming out of the blank, it’s so exciting to cut if for the first time !

  • Shaping yourself a surfboard and noticing every detail on the water lately is an amazing feeling. You willing to repeat ? What would you make different for the next time ? 

I’m already working on a new one. I am thinking about a smother rocker, specially the exit rocker. The board hold very good and carries a lot of speed in between turns but the transition isn’t as clean as I wanted. Feels like the board doesn’t connect with the curve of the wave as I imagined.

  • We have been surfing different shapes for the last years. From very long and classic outlines, to this kind of round nose quads. What does inspire you at the moment for surfing ?

Last years have been mostly about surfing a bunch of surfboard. I’m open to try any craft. I would ride longer board during winter time and try smaller and wider boards during summer and that’s when I shaped this Quad. Looking for an easier board to surf smaller and weaker waves.

  • Well mate, thank you so much for this. Will we see you on another video testing some other shapes soon ?

Definitely, I want to shape more board and get friends involved and design and test as many surfboard as I can. Feels like you never stop learning !


SPEED QUAD // Quad Fins


4 PIECE // Traction Pad


6″MM // Core Leash


PULSE M // Thurster Fins


Surf essentials with Iker

Our friend Iker Treviño is travelling to Australia and after a long talk about surf spots and way too many surfboard talks, we asked him which RANGE HARDWARE accessories he was bringing on his trip. Here you have the answer.

Follow Iker on Instagram.


Not all surf trips are about remote exotic places where the water is warm and the palm trees protect you from the sun. For all those surfers who travel to places where wetsuits are necessary, the flexible bucket is the perfect solution. It works as a changing mat for your wetsuit, protecting it when you take it off, and it is also perfect to put it in the trunk and leave the wetsuit wet without getting the car wet. Also, being flexible, you can always fold it and store it in case you are not using it, or simply to put it in the boardbag when travelling. Definitely taking one for my long trip to Australia !


Yep, it’s 2023, surf caps are no longer a “kook” accessory. Now more than ever you can see surfers ripping while they protect themselves from the surf. This surf caps has the additional protection for your neck, and a hook to make sure you don’t loose your hat while doing duck-dives. I’m happy to bring this in the long sunny days of my trip.


I used to be a chaotic surfer trying to fin my fins on my car trunk every morning. Since i use the fin bags, it’s way easier and save. Fin bags are perfect to organise your car trunk and to make sure you won’t forget the perfect fin for your next session. The LONGBOARD FIN BAG is perfect for those longboarders travelling and willing to protect their fins. You can save up to 2 10” fins perfectly on an easy and practical way. On the other hand, the FIN BAG saves up to 5 sets of fins for your surftrips or intense surfing days. Yeah, of course you can also use it to save warm and sunscreen, but the following RANGE product has been designed exactly for that.


Simple concept. A small fridge to save your wax and sunscreen from the sun. How many times you had your wax melted on your car? At least in my life, several times. Now I organise myself and take care of my lovely wax and sunscreen !


It’s not just a bag, it’s the bag. It’s the bag for the beach, the bag for your wetsuits and even the bag for your groceries. The SUMMER BAG is the perfect addition for your long summer days and walks in the beach. Apart from that, the guys at Range added both short and long handles to make my life easier.


My shaper is a happier person since I use this product haha. I used to put wax on the small dings of my surfboards and I always had to deal with my shaper telling me to stop. Now every time I see a small ding, I just use this and it’s way more convenient and simple. Ah, and as it is transparent, no one notices…

C’est la vie with Eurico Romaguera

We couldn’t stop repeating this french phrase. We had a call from Eurico, he was in France for few days and he was down to film with our friend Oscar Valencia. But hey, it’s summer, it’s packed everywhere and this is as much as we could get. Endless crowds everywhere we went. Unwelcoming leashless surfing spots. Traffic jams every morning and afternoon. “C’est la vie”, let’s take it easy.

Starring Eurico Romaguera // Filmed and edited by Oscar Valencia

YouTube video




FERNAND // Twin Fin Collab


TOWEL // Essenitial


MARGAUX 7’5″ // Signature Fin


Promise Land: Pavones with twinny

The Promise Land is an edit featuring our friend Manu Mosteiro riding his twinny on the endless wave of  Pavones while a long & improvised motorbike trip in Costa Rica. Yes, the feeling of Pavones on a twin fin board looks perfect and Manu had definitively made the right choice.

YouTube video


DUETTE // Twin Fins




CORE LEASH // 5″6 mm


TOWEL // Essential