Collaborations don’t always begin in our offices. This time it was a surprising message from one of our non-official ambassadors. “Hey I love this picture, would you mind sharing the original file so I can make some prints on riso paper?”

Vero is a graphic designer and artist based in San Sebastian. Enthusiast about the creative processes, the ocean and skate, Vero brought us this amazing print from the collab with Dead Kooks.

It’s amazing to look back and see the community we are building together, from our love to the sea, design and simple life. This is why we wanted to introduce you to Vero, and open this new chapter of the “Community of surf enthusiasts” serie where we will be sharing different profiles of people from our small community !

What the video to learn more about Vero and see the story behind her connection with the Deflow community below .

YouTube video

“My name is Vero, originally from Germany. Since a kid my sister and me liked to draw or to create things together out of different material, to explore no matter the outcome. So after school I travelled because I had no clue what to study or which field to work in. I decided to study graphic design and in my semester breaks I was working as a surf instructor. This is how I ended up in Donostia (San Sebastian).

Most people I collaborate with I met through surfing or skating.  I fully appreciate when people surf or skate in their own way. It’s a form of art, expressing yourself in your own unique style. I like to create with others and explore new fields & mostly enthusiastic people are my main inspiration, when you start talking, creating an idea in your head, sketching it out and frothing about it to try to make it a reality, as well the struggle of learning new materials, techniques, asking other people for help. Sometimes you fail and sometimes it works it’s all part of the process. Like here in this Garage we  have shared space to screenprint, develop pictures, tufting, shape and learn from each other. Where my friends started showing me how to build my own boards.

Deflow always had some good imagery and I liked how they value artists. I especially loved their incredible shots of the fins, when they collaborated with Dead Kooks.

One day in Zarautz I met Joseba (part of Deflow) in the water and through a friend we got together to print one of pictures in A3. At the same time I joined the Riso summer school in Bilbao of “another press printing studio” and as a result fell fully in love with this technique. I knew immediately that this image just needed to be printed with riso. So Begoña from Another Press helped me realise that vision. (In Tabakalera, there was another riso group founded to investigate and experiment. It’s generally an amazing place where people can connect, meet, learn, create & investigate together.)”

This is the result, a beautiful A3 with one of our highlight collaborations.

We didn’t expect someone from the community reaching us and making this amazing present. This is why we want to share it with all of you.

The next 15 orders will have a print as a gift. Be fast 🙂 !!


COKOIF // Collab Fin






TOWEL // Essential