We are really excited about this one ! Kanaiya Webb is this kind of young gun who is catching your eye in the water after seeing him surfing just one wave. 

Clearly inspired by the surfing modern era (Dane Reynolds, Dion Agius, Kai Neville movies, etc.), his surfing is both powerful and aerial.  From Gold Coast area in Australia, it’s definitively an  honor to welcome this young talent to the Deflow family. 

Watch his welcome video edit below and learn more about him by reading his interview.

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YouTube video
  • Hello Kanaiya, how are you doing? First of all, Welcome to our family! Could you introduce yourself? For those who doesn’t know you, who is Kanaiya, where you come from, etc.


Hey, I’m good thanks. Really stoked to be part of the Deflow team. Thanks for inviting me on board.

My names Manu Kanaiya Webb. I’m from Northern NSW on the Tweed Coast of Australia.

I grew up about 20 minutes from the beach on my grandparents property. Had a pretty sweet up bringing. Surfing was always a huge part of our family. Dad would take us surfing, while mum was on the beach filming. We were homeschooled so a huge part of our day was surfing, watching our clips and making little edits, haha !

I never did comps or anything like that. I just had fun surfing with my mates and wanted to surf the best I could to impress my uncle Rangi.

  • This is sick! As we can see in your videos, waves are super fun where you live! Where do you normally surf?

Yeah there is a good selection of waves around where we live. I mostly surf on the Tweed Coast wherever there is a good bank and you can usually get fun uncrowded waves. I try stay away from Snapper and D’bah cause it’s so crowed, but when there’s nowhere else to surf I’ll surf there.

  • We’ve seen that normally mum, dad or your sisters film most of the clips you launch on YT. Could you explain us the process of filming for a clip? Are you editing most of the edits?

Yeah I do all the editing myself. My Parents both love to film so that’s been so skiitzz. My sisters also like to film when the waves get too big for them, so I’ve been pretty lucky with having the family keen on filming.

About a year ago I decided to start my own Youtube channel and started dropping a little clip every 3 months. I feel like it’s a bit more substantial than just posting on insta and its gone in like a minute or so. So yeah just surf heaps and film regularly and have a good time.

  • Could you tell us how you started editing and stuff? Where does all this creativity come from?Could you tell us how you started editing and stuff? Where does all this creativity come from? 

From a pretty young age I loved coming home after a surf and making up little edits to show my uncles.  It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing. I feel like it has pushed my surfing and helped me to improve. I guess my inspiration comes from the Fun Boys, Kai Neville and Dane Reynolds Marine Layer and Chapter 11.tv.

  • Style is key for most of the surfers. How would you describe a stylish surfer? Which are your inspirations regarding this?

Yeah I reckon style is definitely important. Someone that has good flow, power, speed and freakishness is how I would describe good style. Dane Reynolds, Taj Borrow and all the Rage boys and my uncle Rangi Ormond are where I draw inspiration from.

  • We’ve seen you use kind of “retro” shortboards. Could you tell us a bit more about your shapers?

I would like to give a big thanks to BK shapes ( Bruce Kay ). So grateful to be working with him. BK is a local shaper in tweed and has been shaping 29 years for the big brands but has been doing his own thing for a while now and shaping out of a converted horse stable. He reached out to me a few years ago and we have been working together ever since. He is super humble and extremely talented shaper. I’ve been loving riding his boards and working with him.

  • You turned 18 recently, right? Which are your plans for this year? Any surf trip around?

Yeah just turnd 18 end of January. I’m in New Zealand at the moment, then heading to Hawaii for a month through February and possibly a Quiksliver trip to the States while I’m up there. I am pretty keen to do an Indo trip this year as well. So yeah a few things to look forward to and hopefully drop a couple clips and just have a good time.

  • Now talking about your relationship with Deflow, could you tell us a bit more about which are your favorite fins and equipment?

Yeah was stoked when you guys reached out to me. I really like the look of the company, quality of your products and the style of your brand. All the products I have tried are working like a charm! I have been using the Pulse Large fin, which go really well and the leggies feel really good and like the feel and look of the grip pads stoked!!

  • Thank you so much Kanaiya! It’s an absolute pleasure to have you onboard.

Thank you guys so much! Stoked to be on the team and looking forward for the next few years to come with you guys!


PULSE L // Thruster Fins


LEGI ALONSO // Traction Pad


CORE LEASH // 5″6mm


ARCCO M // Thurster Fins