Early birds in Biarritz

Everyone thinks tomorrow will be flat”. This was the call. It could be small and perfect for longboarding, or simply flat. Having our amigo Cokoif around Biarritz those days, we didn’t doubt. “Let’s meet at the parking at 7am”. There we were, Clovis, Margaux, Eliza and Iker, with the photographer Cokoif and last minute addition filmer Xabibel. Luckily a small but perfect left was waiting for us.


Côte des Basques has always been and will always be the home of some of the most influencial longboard scene in the world.  Even though it’s now so crazy packed and leashless surfing forbidden in summer,  the mid-season periods still allow some perfect nose riding sessions along the iconic Villa Belza with just family and friends. The true Côte des Basques locals like Eliza, Clovis, Margaux know it.


A session that reminds Biarritz is just a mellow surf city that still allows great times in the water with friends.

Video by Xabibel & photos by Cokoif .

YouTube video

The avant-garde of Biarritz classic longboard scene: Margaux Arramon-Tucoo, Eliza Aberlbide and Clovis Donizetti.

Creative artist,  Queen Classic Surf Festival co-founder and ultra stylish lonbgoarder Margaux Arramon-Tucoo.

Margaux’s pick // E. Romaguera Signature Fin 


 Clovis Donizetti, Côte des Basques mayor with the Belza Villa in the background

Clovis’ pick // Deadkooks Collab Fin


Special guest for the session, our friend Iker Treviño.

Iker’s pick // E. Romaguera Signature Fin 


New generation shredder with a deep connection to the classic longboard roots but with a modern approach, Eliza Aberlbide.

Eliza’s pick // Cream 9″ Fin 


Diogo Martins on quad

Honestly, it might not be the best moment to watch this last edit from Diogo Martins. While the current North Atlantic swell conditions have been nothing else than big storms for the past three weeks, our Portuguese friend is showing us how fun surfing a quad is in perfect fall conditions.

But well, do not worries amigos ! Indian summer is over but at least crowd is not a problem anymore.  And watching Diogo is just a pure source of motivation to remind that surfing is really about having fun. The kid is ripping with smile, and shows us that you can combine performance and style in any conditions.

Clean waves will come back soon, at some point, and you know it. And when they’ll be back, you’ll remind Diogo’s edit and you will maybe go for a quad option ! Watch edit below and read his interview to learn more about Diogo’s surfing approach.

YouTube video

  • Hey hey ! How are you doing Diogo ? Tell us what you’ve been up to lately.

Heyyy, winter is almost here, great time to try board and fins. I’m trying to surf and learn about boards as much as I can. Whenever the surf is good, I’ll be in the water and then during these big storms we’ve got, I’ll spend my day in the shaping room or learning from good friends (lacrau_surfboards and nothing_surfcrafts) who share their knowledge and passion with me.

  • Board looks sweet under your feet, can you tell me something more about it ?

This Quad is 5’9 19 2 1/8, dimensions I thought that would be good for me. I’m getting to know all the tools and learning how to use them and this first experience ended up nice but not exactly how I imagined. It’s a low rocker board but it’s very straight under the back foot so I made a very shallow single concave flattening out the tail and 60/40 foil soft rails. The deck is flat.

  • So as far as we know, you shaped this board by yourself. Did you use any template? Or trusted your eyes?

Yes I shaped it by myself, this one is my first handshape. I draw the outline for this board. It’s really nice to watch the outline coming out of the blank, it’s so exciting to cut if for the first time !

  • Shaping yourself a surfboard and noticing every detail on the water lately is an amazing feeling. You willing to repeat ? What would you make different for the next time ? 

I’m already working on a new one. I am thinking about a smother rocker, specially the exit rocker. The board hold very good and carries a lot of speed in between turns but the transition isn’t as clean as I wanted. Feels like the board doesn’t connect with the curve of the wave as I imagined.

  • We have been surfing different shapes for the last years. From very long and classic outlines, to this kind of round nose quads. What does inspire you at the moment for surfing ?

Last years have been mostly about surfing a bunch of surfboard. I’m open to try any craft. I would ride longer board during winter time and try smaller and wider boards during summer and that’s when I shaped this Quad. Looking for an easier board to surf smaller and weaker waves.

  • Well mate, thank you so much for this. Will we see you on another video testing some other shapes soon ?

Definitely, I want to shape more board and get friends involved and design and test as many surfboard as I can. Feels like you never stop learning !


SPEED QUAD // Quad Fins


4 PIECE // Traction Pad


6″MM // Core Leash


PULSE M // Thurster Fins


Surf essentials with Iker

Our friend Iker Treviño is travelling to Australia and after a long talk about surf spots and way too many surfboard talks, we asked him which RANGE HARDWARE accessories he was bringing on his trip. Here you have the answer.

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Not all surf trips are about remote exotic places where the water is warm and the palm trees protect you from the sun. For all those surfers who travel to places where wetsuits are necessary, the flexible bucket is the perfect solution. It works as a changing mat for your wetsuit, protecting it when you take it off, and it is also perfect to put it in the trunk and leave the wetsuit wet without getting the car wet. Also, being flexible, you can always fold it and store it in case you are not using it, or simply to put it in the boardbag when travelling. Definitely taking one for my long trip to Australia !


Yep, it’s 2023, surf caps are no longer a “kook” accessory. Now more than ever you can see surfers ripping while they protect themselves from the surf. This surf caps has the additional protection for your neck, and a hook to make sure you don’t loose your hat while doing duck-dives. I’m happy to bring this in the long sunny days of my trip.


I used to be a chaotic surfer trying to fin my fins on my car trunk every morning. Since i use the fin bags, it’s way easier and save. Fin bags are perfect to organise your car trunk and to make sure you won’t forget the perfect fin for your next session. The LONGBOARD FIN BAG is perfect for those longboarders travelling and willing to protect their fins. You can save up to 2 10” fins perfectly on an easy and practical way. On the other hand, the FIN BAG saves up to 5 sets of fins for your surftrips or intense surfing days. Yeah, of course you can also use it to save warm and sunscreen, but the following RANGE product has been designed exactly for that.


Simple concept. A small fridge to save your wax and sunscreen from the sun. How many times you had your wax melted on your car? At least in my life, several times. Now I organise myself and take care of my lovely wax and sunscreen !


It’s not just a bag, it’s the bag. It’s the bag for the beach, the bag for your wetsuits and even the bag for your groceries. The SUMMER BAG is the perfect addition for your long summer days and walks in the beach. Apart from that, the guys at Range added both short and long handles to make my life easier.


My shaper is a happier person since I use this product haha. I used to put wax on the small dings of my surfboards and I always had to deal with my shaper telling me to stop. Now every time I see a small ding, I just use this and it’s way more convenient and simple. Ah, and as it is transparent, no one notices…

Promise Land: Pavones with twinny

The Promise Land is an edit featuring our friend Manu Mosteiro riding his twinny on the endless wave of  Pavones while a long & improvised motorbike trip in Costa Rica. Yes, the feeling of Pavones on a twin fin board looks perfect and Manu had definitively made the right choice.

YouTube video


DUETTE // Twin Fins




CORE LEASH // 5″6 mm


TOWEL // Essential


Eliza Arbelbide in South California

We love Eliza and her smoothest logging style. Active member of  the Côte Des Basques new generation shredders, Eliza spent some productive and fun times in South California with Nil Puissant. They came up with this exclusive video “French Fries For A Birthday Cake” that highlights Eliza’s skills on  clean waves from famous Cali spots. Good opportunity then to ask Eliza a few questions about this edit that will surely get you a taste of SoCal good vibes during sunny winter.

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  • Hello Eliza! How are you doing? How was the Queens Festival?

Hello, I’m good thanks ! The Queens was so cool! So glad my friends Aimee, Margaux and Amaya organise this festival every year and that I can be a part of the Queens! So inspiring for me to see all the girl shred la Côte Des Basques.

  • So… it seems you had lot of fun in California, right? How long was that trip and which was the idea on travelling there?

Yes, we had a lot of fun! We were gone for 1 month and a half. The idea was to present a video to RVCA because we’d been only taken photos with Nil so far. And we chose Calif because it was cool to meet with Summer at home, surf her spots, spent some time with her, see her house and meet her friends.

  • Waves look so much fun there… how would you compare it with the surf you get at home?

We had really perfect waves for a month! I’d say they’re longer, they’re pushing a bit more too! But what really surprised me was that they can really have perfect waves for weeks, whereas at home, they often change!


  • Could you explain us a bit more regarding the title of the video?

“Fries for a birthday cake”! First, I’m addicted to fries, so the In N’Out fries (with the secret word) really got me hooked ahaha. And regarding the birthday cake, I actually celebrated my birthday there and Summer smashed the birthday cake in my face, so I think I would have preferred fries in the face ahahahah…


  • What are you planning for this year? Maybe a trip with Summer to an endless log wave? 

My plan is obviously to meet Summer again somewhere, I hope! We’re thinking of Indonesia with Nil! Where exactly? We’re not sure yet!

  • Regarding fins, could you explain us what did you ride on that trip?

I’ve been surfing the Cream and the Tyler Warren (launching soon). Both of them are perfect for beach breaks and rocks!!


  • If you could choose any destination for a surf trip… where would you go?

I’m thinking of California or Australia for surfing in a bathing suit, and the surfing culture in those countries is so nice!


CREAM 9,75″ // Single Fin


DEFLOW TOWEL // Essential


RANGE WAX  // Essential


THOMAS LODIN // Signature Fin


Range Summer Video Series

If going to the beach is part of your daily struggle. If coming back home with sandy feet is one of you worst nightmare. If you’re at war with yourself about keeping you car as clean as possible. Range is here to bring back the peace. Because Range makes your way to the beach easy. And Range is HARD AS FUCK. 

 Range is made for those who want to surf everyday, anytime. For those who love onshore days and cold conditions. Made with the best materials, for the most exigent surfers. Keep the sand out of your weapons. Keep those actions clear. I’ll see you on the beach.


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YouTube video

The Summer Beach Bag has not been designed by IKEA or Balenciaga. As the name suggests, it has been designed for the ultimate summer adventures. Bringing cold beer with ice for your homies, changing your wetsuit on the beach without creating a mess, or even bringing your sleeping stuff inside for a summer surfing mission. Huge and flexible, this bag is made for true surfers who only want to bring their stuff comfy and surf long. 



YouTube video

An ancient method for cooling down a local after you burned him on the set of the day: bring him a cold beer!  Life Fridge, as the name suggest, is the perfect accessory for long and warm days at the beach and make sure your 6 pack stays fresh… 



YouTube video

As incredible as pulling a rabbit from a magician’s hat, the Flexible Bucket can handle up to 50 L of wetsuits, fresh fish or cans. Best thing? Once job is done, you can flex it and storage it easily. No more huge plastic buckets on the middle of the bathroom, the Flexible Bucket can be stored in any drawer of your home or van. The Flexible Bucket comes with two comfy carry handles that can also be used as shoulder straps



YouTube video

It dries you out, warms you up, and also serves as a Dementor costume for Halloween. What more could you ask for? Range Poncho is made for the true warriors that love onshore days and shitty conditions. 300gr of pure cotton to take care of you after your worst surf.



YouTube video

The best solution for keeping your car clean out from your smelly wetsuit. This 25 L pack gives you an easy way to bring your stuff from the beach with a strap, and it’s big enough to have all your wet shit on the same place. Note: For the adventurous surfers, you can grab your valuable stuff inside in order to cross a river and find your dream wave



YouTube video

Oh, that refreshing & peaceful smell of wax early in the morning… Range wax is proudly made in Europe, made for the coldest winter days, and the warmest summers.


Catching up with Laura Coviella

Laura is constantly proving us how performant she is in both small and big waves. But her last edit is just breathtaking. It follows Laura  during a big wave day session at her home, in Canary Islands. And her engagement is just getting to another step. Laura is definitely a big wave surfer and she does it with talent and skills.

That’s why we wanted to ask her a few questions about that amazing edit and know a little more about her big wave surfing approach.

YouTube video

  • Hey there Laura! How are you doing? Where are you know?

Hey heyyy! I’m in the Mentawais right now, at the Kandui Resort, so I guess I couldn’t be better hahah… Maybe some less wounds from the reef would be good but it’s all good hahahah.


  • First of all… WOW, we are still shocked with your latest video. When was this?

Thanks so much! Honestly, it was just a normal day of big waves at home. I mean, it was a fun and clean day, but the preparation and everything is more or less always the same, just decided this time to film everything and put it together to show how is it normally a big waves day at home. I don’t mean only the size of the waves, I was thinking more of what’s behind those sessions. I also wanted to show that it’s not easy and fun all the time… before that good wave you surfed that day, you first had some sets in the head, had heavy wipeouts or many more things that can happen and if you don’t have the right equipment it can finish so bad.

  • It’s incredible to see young women as you pushing the limits. Where does this motivation come from?

I always was so athletic and always loved the adrenaline too; then I started to love surfing and when I discovered that surfing and adrenaline could play together… I just thought “this is my thing” hahah.


  • We know your are a huge source of inspiration for the surfing community. For someone that is starting to surf big waves, what would you recommend yo her/him?

If you think it’s a good one, don’t doubt, don’t think a lot, just paddle and go! 🤣  I would recommend also to go with a right equipment and never go alone.


  • Now about your current trip, how is it going overall? How many boards and leashes broken already? hahah

For now it’s been just fun, so my boards are all alive for now heheh however, tomorrow there is a new swell coming, so let’s see how this one hits the islands! Can’t wait to score one more time here!


  • Wow… how long are you staying there this time? How many times already have you travelled to The Mentawais?

I’ll be 10 more days here, and then I’ll move around depending on how the swell hits each place, just looking for the best waves to surf in every moment. I’ll be back home at mid of July, so it’s gonna be like 45 days around Indonesia.

  • Could you tell us more about your plans this year? More of this video blog coming?

I really have a lot of projects and things in mind but I prefer to keep them for me for now heheh you will see more interesting things soon!


  • We like how natural you feel in front of the camera. Do you feel you are the same on your personal life? How difficult is to deal with public image while being yourself?

Hahah thank you! It’s just me being me in every moment hahah I like having fun, laughs and makes people laugh too, I don’t pretend to be someone different in front of the camera in any moment, actually I don’t know how to do that hahahah so yes…I’ll probably keep saying stupid things in all my next vlogs probably hahah.


  • Last but not least… which has being your worst moment on surfing big waves?

Probably when I broke my ankle… I was in Mexico, far away from home; at the same time my phone was stolen, I was just like a robot in my bed with 40 degrees the rest of the trip cause I didn’t have crutches and got covid with vomiting… those 5 last days in Mexico were quite hard hahah.


ROCKET M // Thruster Fins


6’7″ MM PRO TECH // White Leash


4 PIECE  // Traction Pad


V.2 S // Thruster Fins


Cokoif x Deflow Collaboration

Watching Cokoif’s work is like watching a calm sea and feeling that at that moment everything is right. He defends a slow way of living and transmits that to his pictures. Classic surfing and longboards inspire his work, something that he does with love and patience.

The below edit shows the really esthetic and creative world of Cokoif. We also spent some good times with him and asked a few questions.

Video by Juan Amador // Water footage by Iván González // Graphics byDudelsea

YouTube video


  • Hey there Coke! How are you doing? Where are you now?

Hi! I’m having a coffee at my garden remembering all the beautiful moments from yesterday.


  • As we know, you are always with an exciting idea in mind and working on several projects? What are you up to?

Right now I’m with another event that we will do on July 14th in The Pass, we will do a Pop up of It’s Only Water there. Also organising everything with Paula Ortega for a trip to Phillipines in September. Two special things that I am really looking forward to.

  • We love how the video represents your soul and way of being. For those that don’t know you, could you describe yourself?

Thank you very much, I am also very happy with the result of the video, I think it has very representative moments in my day to day life, I am a social person and I like to be surrounded by people.


  • Yesterday your premiered the video in front of all your friends on your latest event at It’s Only Water. How was it?

It was very nice, grateful to all the people who came and proud to work with close friends such as Juan Amador and Ivan Gonzalez.


  • We love the creative community you gather at It’s Only Water. How is the surfing community over there?

Here in Cádiz there are good conditions for longboarding almost all year, like everywhere there are more and more people in the water but the good atmosphere reigns.

  • We find lot of inspiration on your photography. The light and framing on your photography, the way of choosing different angles… what inspires you?

Thank you very much, now I’m in a moment of searching for inspiration outside of what has been inspiring me since I started, so I hope later I can answer this question with accuracy :).


  • On one of your prints at your webpage, we read “Calm, respect, hugs, love, coffee & waves”. Explain us more about this :)?

Yes, it’s one of my favourite prints, it’s simple and says a lot. Paula (@dudelsea) made it and I think it sums us up in one sentence. For me it represents a way of seeing life, with humble, perseverance and the little things that each of us love.


  • Ok, now about our collab together. Could you explain us how did you came up with this design and colour?

For me it was an incredible surprise to be able to have a fin with Deflow, just a dream. From the moment you proposed it to me I knew I wanted something minimalistic and simple so I wouldn’t get tired of it when I see it in a few years! Being part of the Deflow team, with all the support you give to artists and riders I think it’s something unique and very important for all. Thank you, thank you and thank you.


  • Mr. Coke, thank you once again for replying all our questions. We understand you must be exhausted after yesterday’s event. To finish, what’s your plan for today?

My plan for today? Finish my coffee and siesta.


COKOIF // Collab Fin


TOWEL // Essential




LUC ROLLAND // Collab Fin


Summer Richley in Spanish Death Video

Our friends from Monster Children just published an amazing new video featuring the Deflow Family member Summer Richley. There’s no doubt about the girl. She’s not only absolutely skilled and super stylish on a longboard, but she ‘s also ultra creative and full of energy for life in general.

This is what you’ll get to see in the edit below from the talented Australian video maker  Cole Walton  and please, take some time to learn more about Summer  and her world in the Monster Children interview here

Follow Summer Richley on Instagram.

YouTube video




MARGAUX 7.5″ // Signature Fin


THOMAS LODIN // Collab Fin


TOWEL // Essential


Dan Pascacio: Nowhere Place Video

Is  it sill necessary to introduce Dan Pascacio? The guy has been pretty active for more than a year now. Duck Tape Invitational, Mexi Log Fest and many mind blowing clips on the Internet. The Mexican ultra skilled young logger has been killing it. And it’s also been an immense pleasure for us to welcome him to the Deflow Family.

So when he stopped by Basque Country during last summer, that was the right time to spend some time in the water with him. Cloudy days in Biarritz, longboard days at La Côte. And here’s the result. Filmed and edited by our amigo Oscar Valencia.

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YouTube video


COKOIF // Collab Fin




TIBURON // Luc Rolland Signature Fin


TOWEL // Essential