Everyone thinks tomorrow will be flat”. This was the call. It could be small and perfect for longboarding, or simply flat. Having our amigo Cokoif around Biarritz those days, we didn’t doubt. “Let’s meet at the parking at 7am”. There we were, Clovis, Margaux, Eliza and Iker, with the photographer Cokoif and last minute addition filmer Xabibel. Luckily a small but perfect left was waiting for us.


Côte des Basques has always been and will always be the home of some of the most influencial longboard scene in the world.  Even though it’s now so crazy packed and leashless surfing forbidden in summer,  the mid-season periods still allow some perfect nose riding sessions along the iconic Villa Belza with just family and friends. The true Côte des Basques locals like Eliza, Clovis, Margaux know it.


A session that reminds Biarritz is just a mellow surf city that still allows great times in the water with friends.

Video by Xabibel & photos by Cokoif .

YouTube video

The avant-garde of Biarritz classic longboard scene: Margaux Arramon-Tucoo, Eliza Aberlbide and Clovis Donizetti.

Creative artist,  Queen Classic Surf Festival co-founder and ultra stylish lonbgoarder Margaux Arramon-Tucoo.

Margaux’s pick // E. Romaguera Signature Fin 


 Clovis Donizetti, Côte des Basques mayor with the Belza Villa in the background

Clovis’ pick // Deadkooks Collab Fin


Special guest for the session, our friend Iker Treviño.

Iker’s pick // E. Romaguera Signature Fin 


New generation shredder with a deep connection to the classic longboard roots but with a modern approach, Eliza Aberlbide.

Eliza’s pick // Cream 9″ Fin