We are really stoked to introduce a new talented surfer and stylish single fin virtuoso from ANZ to the Deflow family, Ambrose McNeill. A mix of a strong charisma combined with technical longboarding skills in both carving and noseriding is why we get along with Ambrose.

In order to learn more about Ambrose, our long time friend and Deflow family member Clovis Donizetti asked him a few questions.  Read the interview below and see a brief visual insight in Ambrose’s day to day life enjoying clean waves on the other side of the globe. 

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Clovis at home.


  • Bonjour Ambrose! First of all, can you introduce yourself?


Bonjour Clovis, well my name is Ambrose McNeill, I was born and raised in the South Island of New Zealand in a beautiful seaside village called Sumner. Around seven years ago after traveling through Mexico, Indonesia and Asia and running out of money, I ended up on a friend’s couch on the Gold Coast in Australia and never left (the Gold Coast that is and fortunately not the couch). I now live at the southern end of the coast with my partner Montana, about 5 minutes away from some of  the best right hand point breaks in the world.

  • Why longboarding ? And how does it influence your approach to other crafts?

I came to surfing when I was about 15 years old after I became friends with some kids on my school bus who were surfers. These kids had longhair, wetsuit tans and for some reason they all rode longboards.  After a lot of lawn mowing, piano practice and begging, my parents bought me an old 9 2 for my Christmas/Birthday present and so it began. It was only once I started learning to surf at the local beach that I realised that everyone rode longer boards because of the slow rolling waves.

Sadly, after 6 months of surfing I ended up snapping that first longboard and learnt the hard way that there are different surfboards for different conditions! Learning to surf on a longboard and being exposed to this culture early meant that I valued style and grace as the defining factor of good surfing. These two lessons remain at the forefront of my surfing approach today.


  • You’re living in a tropical dream, could you détail to us the highs and the lows of living in a surfing dream ( to many not living there at least!)

Ha yes although I live near some of the best waves in the world – these waves are definitely some of the worlds most crowded. The crowds can be fierce and at times can bring out the worst in people (myself included) so you have to decide if you’re in the right mindset to surf in these environments – which sometimes I’m not. But as you know Clovis, there are still a few magical days each year where the crowd gets thin and you can surf the most dreamy warm water waves with friends. Those days will still keep me coming back for a while longer.

  • Can you tell us about the single fin mingle, the concept, what you want to achieve with it, and why every loggers with some soul should attend it?!

The Single Fin Mingle is an annual longboard festival that I started in my hometown in New Zealand in 2015. I had spent a few years competing on the NZ longboard series and although I had a great time at these events they were focused on high performance longboarding which wasn’t my thing. Once I saw the highlight videos of the Duct tape invitational on the web I was inspired to put on a contest that celebrated all of the surfing, music, movies and art that myself and my friends enjoyed. Essentially the idea was to plan what I thought was a perfect weekend in my village and invite all my friends along for the ride.

Nine years later and the festival has grown exponentially with surfers traveling from all around the world to come to our little village. But the key idea remains the same, bring great people together and have a great time celebrating surf culture.

  • What are your preferences in longboard designs, and what do you expect from a good one ?

Living in Australia I’ve definitely been influenced and drawn to the boards that are made here and my current quiver is all locally made. I’m always intrigued with different feelings but good speed in a board remains a non negotiable.


  • You have great taste in a lot of mediums. but let’s talk about music, you play piano a bit and have jazz running deep in the family isn’t it?

I did grow up in a very musical household. My father, Malcolm McNeill, was a professional jazz singer and for as long as I can remember there were always songs being sung or music being played in our house. I had piano lessons for 10 years or so and still love playing today.


  • What are the 3 albums you’d pick to get stuck deep in the NZ countryland?

Hmm that’s hard but here’s three albums I’d enjoy if I was stuck anywhere:

Malcolm McNeill – Skylark

Stan Getz and João Gilberto – Getz/Giberto

Paul Desmond – The Complete RCA Victor recordings


  • Lastly, any influences past and current and some wisdom?

In surfing and life, you have to paddle hard to catch good waves. Enjoy paddling.


E. ROMAGUERA // Signature Fin


TOWEL // Essential