We love Eliza and her smoothest logging style. Active member of  the Côte Des Basques new generation shredders, Eliza spent some productive and fun times in South California with Nil Puissant. They came up with this exclusive video “French Fries For A Birthday Cake” that highlights Eliza’s skills on  clean waves from famous Cali spots. Good opportunity then to ask Eliza a few questions about this edit that will surely get you a taste of SoCal good vibes during sunny winter.

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  • Hello Eliza! How are you doing? How was the Queens Festival?

Hello, I’m good thanks ! The Queens was so cool! So glad my friends Aimee, Margaux and Amaya organise this festival every year and that I can be a part of the Queens! So inspiring for me to see all the girl shred la Côte Des Basques.

  • So… it seems you had lot of fun in California, right? How long was that trip and which was the idea on travelling there?

Yes, we had a lot of fun! We were gone for 1 month and a half. The idea was to present a video to RVCA because we’d been only taken photos with Nil so far. And we chose Calif because it was cool to meet with Summer at home, surf her spots, spent some time with her, see her house and meet her friends.

  • Waves look so much fun there… how would you compare it with the surf you get at home?

We had really perfect waves for a month! I’d say they’re longer, they’re pushing a bit more too! But what really surprised me was that they can really have perfect waves for weeks, whereas at home, they often change!


  • Could you explain us a bit more regarding the title of the video?

“Fries for a birthday cake”! First, I’m addicted to fries, so the In N’Out fries (with the secret word) really got me hooked ahaha. And regarding the birthday cake, I actually celebrated my birthday there and Summer smashed the birthday cake in my face, so I think I would have preferred fries in the face ahahahah…


  • What are you planning for this year? Maybe a trip with Summer to an endless log wave? 

My plan is obviously to meet Summer again somewhere, I hope! We’re thinking of Indonesia with Nil! Where exactly? We’re not sure yet!

  • Regarding fins, could you explain us what did you ride on that trip?

I’ve been surfing the Cream and the Tyler Warren (launching soon). Both of them are perfect for beach breaks and rocks!!


  • If you could choose any destination for a surf trip… where would you go?

I’m thinking of California or Australia for surfing in a bathing suit, and the surfing culture in those countries is so nice!


CREAM 9,75″ // Single Fin


DEFLOW TOWEL // Essential


RANGE WAX  // Essential


THOMAS LODIN // Signature Fin