When the cold winds of winter hit the classic buildings of Biarritz, takes away the summer eccentricity and leaves Biarritz quiet.

This is one of our favourite times of the year. Even when the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, feels good to be walking around the lonely streets, getting to know the people that live side by side peacefully on winter time.

In between winter swells, we went to visit and surf with Clovis Donizetti and his friend Thomas Lodin on the classic sand-bank of Côte des Basques.

Mornings are cold but, when the waves look like this, no one doubts on entering on the freezing waters running to be the first out there.


Thomas Lodin on his glass on classic pig
When you noseride isn’t needed. Thomas Lodin
Thomas on the wave bellow, and Clovis on the one behind.
Just Clovis.



Classics of Biarritz, Clovis on the wave and the Belza Villa

Once again, Thomas taking the first of the set, and behind him Clovis
Let’s go for a coffee guys 🙂
Clovis Donizetti’s Signature Fin