Our friend Iker Treviño is travelling to Australia and after a long talk about surf spots and way too many surfboard talks, we asked him which RANGE HARDWARE accessories he was bringing on his trip. Here you have the answer.

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Not all surf trips are about remote exotic places where the water is warm and the palm trees protect you from the sun. For all those surfers who travel to places where wetsuits are necessary, the flexible bucket is the perfect solution. It works as a changing mat for your wetsuit, protecting it when you take it off, and it is also perfect to put it in the trunk and leave the wetsuit wet without getting the car wet. Also, being flexible, you can always fold it and store it in case you are not using it, or simply to put it in the boardbag when travelling. Definitely taking one for my long trip to Australia !


Yep, it’s 2023, surf caps are no longer a “kook” accessory. Now more than ever you can see surfers ripping while they protect themselves from the surf. This surf caps has the additional protection for your neck, and a hook to make sure you don’t loose your hat while doing duck-dives. I’m happy to bring this in the long sunny days of my trip.


I used to be a chaotic surfer trying to fin my fins on my car trunk every morning. Since i use the fin bags, it’s way easier and save. Fin bags are perfect to organise your car trunk and to make sure you won’t forget the perfect fin for your next session. The LONGBOARD FIN BAG is perfect for those longboarders travelling and willing to protect their fins. You can save up to 2 10” fins perfectly on an easy and practical way. On the other hand, the FIN BAG saves up to 5 sets of fins for your surftrips or intense surfing days. Yeah, of course you can also use it to save warm and sunscreen, but the following RANGE product has been designed exactly for that.


Simple concept. A small fridge to save your wax and sunscreen from the sun. How many times you had your wax melted on your car? At least in my life, several times. Now I organise myself and take care of my lovely wax and sunscreen !


It’s not just a bag, it’s the bag. It’s the bag for the beach, the bag for your wetsuits and even the bag for your groceries. The SUMMER BAG is the perfect addition for your long summer days and walks in the beach. Apart from that, the guys at Range added both short and long handles to make my life easier.


My shaper is a happier person since I use this product haha. I used to put wax on the small dings of my surfboards and I always had to deal with my shaper telling me to stop. Now every time I see a small ding, I just use this and it’s way more convenient and simple. Ah, and as it is transparent, no one notices…