Laura is constantly proving us how performant she is in both small and big waves. But her last edit is just breathtaking. It follows Laura  during a big wave day session at her home, in Canary Islands. And her engagement is just getting to another step. Laura is definitely a big wave surfer and she does it with talent and skills.

That’s why we wanted to ask her a few questions about that amazing edit and know a little more about her big wave surfing approach.

YouTube video
  • Hey there Laura! How are you doing? Where are you know?

Hey heyyy! I’m in the Mentawais right now, at the Kandui Resort, so I guess I couldn’t be better hahah… Maybe some less wounds from the reef would be good but it’s all good hahahah.


  • First of all… WOW, we are still shocked with your latest video. When was this?

Thanks so much! Honestly, it was just a normal day of big waves at home. I mean, it was a fun and clean day, but the preparation and everything is more or less always the same, just decided this time to film everything and put it together to show how is it normally a big waves day at home. I don’t mean only the size of the waves, I was thinking more of what’s behind those sessions. I also wanted to show that it’s not easy and fun all the time… before that good wave you surfed that day, you first had some sets in the head, had heavy wipeouts or many more things that can happen and if you don’t have the right equipment it can finish so bad.

  • It’s incredible to see young women as you pushing the limits. Where does this motivation come from?

I always was so athletic and always loved the adrenaline too; then I started to love surfing and when I discovered that surfing and adrenaline could play together… I just thought “this is my thing” hahah.


  • We know your are a huge source of inspiration for the surfing community. For someone that is starting to surf big waves, what would you recommend yo her/him?

If you think it’s a good one, don’t doubt, don’t think a lot, just paddle and go! 🤣  I would recommend also to go with a right equipment and never go alone.


  • Now about your current trip, how is it going overall? How many boards and leashes broken already? hahah

For now it’s been just fun, so my boards are all alive for now heheh however, tomorrow there is a new swell coming, so let’s see how this one hits the islands! Can’t wait to score one more time here!


  • Wow… how long are you staying there this time? How many times already have you travelled to The Mentawais?

I’ll be 10 more days here, and then I’ll move around depending on how the swell hits each place, just looking for the best waves to surf in every moment. I’ll be back home at mid of July, so it’s gonna be like 45 days around Indonesia.

  • Could you tell us more about your plans this year? More of this video blog coming?

I really have a lot of projects and things in mind but I prefer to keep them for me for now heheh you will see more interesting things soon!


  • We like how natural you feel in front of the camera. Do you feel you are the same on your personal life? How difficult is to deal with public image while being yourself?

Hahah thank you! It’s just me being me in every moment hahah I like having fun, laughs and makes people laugh too, I don’t pretend to be someone different in front of the camera in any moment, actually I don’t know how to do that hahahah so yes…I’ll probably keep saying stupid things in all my next vlogs probably hahah.


  • Last but not least… which has being your worst moment on surfing big waves?

Probably when I broke my ankle… I was in Mexico, far away from home; at the same time my phone was stolen, I was just like a robot in my bed with 40 degrees the rest of the trip cause I didn’t have crutches and got covid with vomiting… those 5 last days in Mexico were quite hard hahah.


ROCKET M // Thruster Fins


6’7″ MM PRO TECH // White Leash


4 PIECE  // Traction Pad


V.2 S // Thruster Fins