Watching Cokoif’s work is like watching a calm sea and feeling that at that moment everything is right. He defends a slow way of living and transmits that to his pictures. Classic surfing and longboards inspire his work, something that he does with love and patience.

The below edit shows the really esthetic and creative world of Cokoif. We also spent some good times with him and asked a few questions.

Video by Juan Amador // Water footage by Iván González // Graphics byDudelsea

YouTube video


  • Hey there Coke! How are you doing? Where are you now?

Hi! I’m having a coffee at my garden remembering all the beautiful moments from yesterday.


  • As we know, you are always with an exciting idea in mind and working on several projects? What are you up to?

Right now I’m with another event that we will do on July 14th in The Pass, we will do a Pop up of It’s Only Water there. Also organising everything with Paula Ortega for a trip to Phillipines in September. Two special things that I am really looking forward to.

  • We love how the video represents your soul and way of being. For those that don’t know you, could you describe yourself?

Thank you very much, I am also very happy with the result of the video, I think it has very representative moments in my day to day life, I am a social person and I like to be surrounded by people.


  • Yesterday your premiered the video in front of all your friends on your latest event at It’s Only Water. How was it?

It was very nice, grateful to all the people who came and proud to work with close friends such as Juan Amador and Ivan Gonzalez.


  • We love the creative community you gather at It’s Only Water. How is the surfing community over there?

Here in Cádiz there are good conditions for longboarding almost all year, like everywhere there are more and more people in the water but the good atmosphere reigns.

  • We find lot of inspiration on your photography. The light and framing on your photography, the way of choosing different angles… what inspires you?

Thank you very much, now I’m in a moment of searching for inspiration outside of what has been inspiring me since I started, so I hope later I can answer this question with accuracy :).


  • On one of your prints at your webpage, we read “Calm, respect, hugs, love, coffee & waves”. Explain us more about this :)?

Yes, it’s one of my favourite prints, it’s simple and says a lot. Paula (@dudelsea) made it and I think it sums us up in one sentence. For me it represents a way of seeing life, with humble, perseverance and the little things that each of us love.


  • Ok, now about our collab together. Could you explain us how did you came up with this design and colour?

For me it was an incredible surprise to be able to have a fin with Deflow, just a dream. From the moment you proposed it to me I knew I wanted something minimalistic and simple so I wouldn’t get tired of it when I see it in a few years! Being part of the Deflow team, with all the support you give to artists and riders I think it’s something unique and very important for all. Thank you, thank you and thank you.


  • Mr. Coke, thank you once again for replying all our questions. We understand you must be exhausted after yesterday’s event. To finish, what’s your plan for today?

My plan for today? Finish my coffee and siesta.


COKOIF // Collab Fin


TOWEL // Essential




LUC ROLLAND // Collab Fin