Born in Maui, Braiden has always been connected to the nature and to the ocean. His style in surfing and approach for airs is unique, and it got our attention since the early beginnings. We are happy to welcome our first international ambassador with the amazing edit and interesting conversation below in order to know more about this talented surfer. 

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. Hey Braiden! First of all, it’s a pleasure to have you around. In fact, we don’t get to sit down and chat with too many people from Maui, so why don’t you start by telling us about your surfing and living environment?


Thanks for having me! Growing up on Maui was amazing, its a small community on the side of the island I live (Westside) It’s a special place to learn how to surf and progress at surfing.


. To give us a little more insight into you as a person, what other things besides surfing are part of your routine and what are you especially passionate about? Tell us what a typical day in your life is like!


I own a Surf Lesson Business so half the time I am doing lessons, but if there’s waves of course I take off and try to nail some clips! Just got a puppy also so that’s been taking up some time haha. Besides that usually grab a coffee in the morning try and do some stretching to get the body going then find some waves with the least amount of people.

. It’s funny… They just published an article in Stab about how many surfers from Maui have a great level, and yet the scarce representation of the island in the CT or the highest positions of the QS. Why do you think this situation is? Are you too busy living well and surfing good waves, instead of suffering the stress of the sleeves in half a meter? hahaha


Haha! The stress don’t help! A big part is the cost of living here is insane. It’s the highest cost in all of America by a long shot. So making enough money to live and chase the Q is really hard to pull off. On top of the fact that home is very easy to get real comfortable in your routine.

. Another big reason for our interview is your recent signing with us, DEFLOW. It’s true that nowadays we live in a global world where borders, as we understood them, have practically disappeared. Nevertheless, tell us what it means for you, from Maui, to sign for a European brand like Deflow. How was the contact and communication?


So stoked! Thanks for having me guys. It’s been awesome, for me im really passionate about all kinds of equipment in surfing. Especially traction. I love a good front grip/tail pad. So its really important to have the best stuff under my feet! Got to stick as many airs as possible before im to old haha. Hopefully get on a trip to Europe soon to meet up and get some clips!


. In fact, you have launched a ‘welcome to the team’ video… WOW, waves are amazing! Tremendous waves and aerials, that wave brings back memories of Clay Marzo or the mythical Volcom ‘BS’ section, with Coleborn and Dusty Payne. Tell us about that iconic spot and also about the big names that ride it or have ridden it!


Well Clay is the number one person you think of out there. He’s the king and makes it look way easier to surf then it is. It’s such a tricky spot with a lot of variables. Maui gets insanely blocked by swell most of the winter because of the islands around us. So when you see videos of it, usually it’s from a handful of days all year. But it holds a dear place in my heart and is by far my favorite wave in the world.


. Would you dare to give us an honest feedback on Deflow’s material and its brand identity?


You can’t always count on Hawaii as a testing ground ;).  So good! I tested it for most of the winter which of course is our peak season. No broken leashes, loving the front grips! The new Erwin grips are sick in general! So many fin options, and the aesthetic of everything is perfect! I just need to design a grip now! Haha

. Going back to the Maui scene… We imagine that for you it must be an inspiration to grow up and surf with surfers like Meola, Layer, Payne, Marzo… Very versatile people that you can get an incredible aerial or a massive Jaws… What has it meant to be part of that scene?


Man its so cool. All the guys I’ve looked up to since I was a little kid our my friends now. Marzo for me was always number one hero status as far as how I wanted to surf. Now days surfing around guys like Dusty, Kai Barger, and Meola all the time is so fun to push my surfing!

. In relation to that contact with the ocean provides a place like Maui, which goes from the acrobatic of the new school to the purest and most extreme roots of XXL surfing, how would you define your way of living surfing and your experience in the sea, in contrast to other continental surfers from California or Europe, for example?


You learn to love it all! Maui is a fickle place but you get a little bit of every condition. Its the windy island, so that’s why we have the best Air surfers in the world! It’s fun to draw off what the ocean gives you everyday! I have a few to many boards trying to keep up with the conditions though haha.


. By the way, do you know Europe, is there any spot that especially motivates you? What is it that most strikes you about our culture? We hope to see you here soon ;)!


I went to France two years ago and loved it! Me and my girlfriend spent a little over two weeks adventuring around and having the time of our lives. The waves were insane and I need to check off some more spots over there. Ireland, Portugal, Spain all sound amazing!


. Regarding content and projects for this year, do you have anything planned? Any destination in your mind? Now that the COVID restrictions finally seem to give us a break, what would you like to be able to do after a few years with such a reduced mobility?


Man just came back from a knee injury so super excited to get some things going. I really want to focus on 1 or 2 big projects with some more traveling involved. I’m going to Kandui in September which will be my first time there! So excited to score. Also planning a trip to Europe for either August or October also. Hoping to check off one or two more spots if I can manage it! Just know more films are coming!! I’m hungry for clips.

. Apart from specific projects, but continuing with your projection for the future, how would you like to focus your professional career? CT or QS are acronyms that motivate you or do you prefer to go on your own?


All my own lane! I did the Q for a year two awhile ago, not serious just a few events but it just doesn’t fit my style. I prefer creating art with surfing. My own vision for the year, from editing to song choices to what clip goes where. It’s really important to me. Oh and land a 540 in the next year or two. I got to do one!


. Well Braiden, it has been a pleasure to share this little while with you and, above all, we hope to see you soon in our lands! If you want to close the interview saying something… Here you go!


Cheers guys! Glad to have some support and be able to make cool shit!


Supra Medium // Thruster fins


Arcco Medium // Thruster fins


6″6 mm // Pro Tech Leash


2 Piece  // Traction Pad


Waterproof Bag


Duette // Twins