Winter is long and cold here around Biarritz. Dark and rainy, it’s hard to keep the stoke for surfing when the water gets cold and the onshore winds arrive. However, and luckily, this season is not forever, and spring arrives with warmer and longer days. We spent few days around Biarritz with Clovis and Eliza, just before Spring started. Conditions looked perfect for early morning surf and with the help of the talented Nil Puissant we were able to capture some magic sessions. 

Even in cities (or big town as they like to call Biarritz), if you wake up early sometimes you can find yourself alone in the line up with just few of your friends.


They got advantage of the perfect conditions to try different fins and placements. The ability of both Clovis and Eliza to change fin templates and adapt to the rhythm and inertia of them is simply amazing.

Eliza’s words:


I surfed the Clovis Dnd fin on my 8’6″! It was quite fun because it allowed me to surf my board a little more classic while being able to turn easily. Then we exchange the boards and tried the Cream in 9,75” on my longboard. It’s amazing how responsive it is for turns and how at the same time holds the nose while I’m doing hang fives 🙂

Hope spring comes with clean swells and warm days, just before summer arrives and everything gets packed. This is how it works in most of the places. Oh, we already miss the lonely surf from winter days

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Cream 9″75 // Single fin


Thomas Lodin // D fin


D’nD 8,75″ // Single Fin


Rouge 9,5″ // Single Fin