Christmas tergiversation with Erwin Bliss


Christmas… What an endearing time! Well, at least it usually is when you are a child and you stay on vacation, waiting to be buried under a mountain of gifts while you stuff yourself with nougat and sugared almonds. Then, suddenly, you get older and realize that these holidays have become for you synonymous with overspending, heavy digestions, crowds and gatherings even heavier than your digestions.


At Deflow, as we love that you keep the childish spirit, but we are also amused by those who are more cantankerous than the Grinch, we wanted to put on trial two of our riders with the worst karma and who will probably end up splitting their chewing so much coal.


Would you be able to define Christmas briefly?

Well Christmas is a beautiful fairy tale about a old man we call Santa,  living in Laponie, that brings you present once a year to celebrate Jesus’ birth.  Is it ? And also he is flying on a sled dragged by flying deers. 


What is the best/worst thing about Christmas for you?

Best thing about Christmas is that it’s a wonderful moment to share with family.

In the contrary the worst would be not having the family to share this moment with.


Tell us something you always do around Christmas time. Tradition or custom, you know?

 We always drink in Christmas.


Any movie – song that you are particularly fond of?

Mickey’s Christmas!


Do you buy lottery tickets? What would you do if you hit the jackpot?

I do not buy lottery tickets. I believe there is no winning tickets.


Do you decorate your house, wear reindeer headbands and shit? Send us a selfie!


What did you ask for this year from the Three Wise Men / Santa Claus?

This year l asked for resin so l can make me a surfboard.


As we know we are here to sell products (hehe), which 5 Deflow products you recommend to your friends?

I would recommend a pair of Arcco fins, a set of front and tail grips (you can see my collab here), a leash and a surfboard sock ! ❤️‍🔥

Arcco Large


6"6 mm Pro Tech Leash


Erwin Front Pad


Erwin Tail Pad


Boardcover Perf 


Waterproof Bag